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Dear sir / madam,
HTM Gmbh is German base company with head office in Hoexter of Germany.
We are the office of HTM in Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam. My office in Vietnam is mainly import timber, wood products such as round log, sawn timber from Head office in Germany to Vietnam, keep stock timber at our warehouse in Ho Chi Minh then we distribute to the wood manufacturers in Vietnam. Beside, we are sending round log from Germany to our owned sawmill in Tan Uyen, Binh Duong to saw (cut), Air dry, Steam and Kiln Dry by the latest technology and equipments from Germany. You can visit our sawmill and choose the most suitable KD sawn timber as the ready raw material for your production.
Beside distribute timber for head office, we are looking for buyers in Vietnam, negotiate and sign contract with Vietnamese and Asian buyers then indicate buyers issue L/C direct to head office in Germany and handle timber shipment directly from Germany to buyer抯 destination ports.
We (German wood supplier) would like to sell directly to you with the highest quality of German timber raw material (round log and sawn timber) with following timber species: White oak, Beech, Ash, Maple (Sycamore), Pine, Spruce, Red oak, Poplar, Birch, Basswood, red alder, elm....
You will discuss, sign contract and issue L/C to German supplier directly with the most competitive price and highest quality level which is suitable with your usage purpose.
Only making a phone call to my office (090.4203077) to make appointment, we will come your office to visit you and discuss with you.
We would like to offer you some round log timber species which is the best selling to Vietnamese market from Germany for your reference and hopefully we have the oppotunity to receive your order.
Round log timber species Origin Price(USD/m3-CFR HCM) Quality grade
Beech Germany 180 B/C ( 70% B, 50% C )
White Oak Germany 208 B/C ( 50% B, 50% C )
White Oak Germany 160 D grade: accept all defects
Red Oak Germany 250 B/C ( 50% B, 50% C )
Red Oak Germany 220 D grade: accept all defects
White Ash Germany 230 B/C ( 50% B, 50% C )
Maple Germany 250 B/C ( 50% B, 50% C )
Pine and Spruce Germany 185 B/C ( 50% B, 50% C )
Walnut Germany 710 B/C
Cherry Germany 370 B/C ( 50% B, 50% C )
Teak Bosnia 370 A/B ( 50% A , 50% B )
Poplar Germany 185 A/B ( 80% A: 1 sc + 20% B )
Beside round log B/C quality grade as above, we can supply to you round log A quality (Use for veneer production) with higher price as following:
1 - White oak log: Price CFR Ho Chi Minh city: 400 US$ per cubic meter.
2 - Red oak log: Price CFR Ho Chi Minh city: 500 US$ per cubic meter.
3 - Beech log: Price CFR Ho Chi Minh city: 280 US$ per cubic meter.
4 - Ash log: Price CFR Ho Chi Minh city: 350 US$ per cubic meter.
5 - Pine, Spruce and Poplar log: Price CFR Ho Chi Minh city: 230 US$ per cubic meter.
?Quality grade: B/C (grade B: 2 sides clear, grade C: 1 side clear). The log is straight, fresh cut, no dead knot, no rotten wood, no heartwood hollow, accept healthy knot.
?The quality of above A grade is 4 sides clear with the highest quality level of round log. This is the ideal raw material for veneer production
?The minimum order must be 2 container 40' equal 50 cubic meter.
?Origin of timber: Germany
+ Diameter 30cm and up (plus) x Length 3 meter up.
+ For A grade quality: The diameter 40 cm up x Length 3 meter up.
? Payment: By Irrevocable Leter of Credite (L/C) delayed 90 days since the date of bill of lading in order to guarantee the quality, make confidence of quality and help buyer have proof to claim in case of trouble, in addition this delayed payment is the finance support for buyers to buy timber. We also accept pay by Cash against documents (CAD).
?Measurement of log: To mesure and determine the volume of log, we measure diameter over bark at the middle of log deduct 1 cm on diameter for bark allowance and deduct 20cm on length for free trimming.
?L/C documents for negotiation include: Commercial invoice, Bill of lading, Log list, German Certificate of Origin, Phytosanitary Certificate.
Irrevocable L/C at 90 days should be issued to HTM抯 bank account below:
Beneficiary: HTM GMBH
Swift code BIC: COBADEFF251
IBAN: DE84272400040573236700
Beside log as above, we are also supply German secondhand and brand-new woodworking machinery to Vietnam.
HTM supply KD sawn timber from Gemany to Ho Chi Minh, KD sawn timber which is proseeced at our owned sawmill in Tan Uyen, Binh Duong by German technology.
We are always beside customers and expect to cooperate and supply directly to you the best timber from German timber supplier. We also have the best after sale service (Customer Care such as sawing, steaming and drying technical instruction, providing and updating shipment status and price, keep the stable price ) to support and bring to buyers the maximum benefits.
We can offer you the stable price (same price) within one year. After each year, we have new price update to following market timber price.
Thank you for your attention and receive your supports.
For further information, please don抰 hesitate to contact to us:
HTM Gmbh (Germany) ?Ho Chi Minh Office
Mr. Trinh Duc Thinh - Marketing manager or Mr. Aleksandar Nesovic ?Director
Address: No 23, Tran Khac Chan Str, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.
Tel: +84.8.5265259 Fax: +84.8.5265260 Cellphone: +84.90.4203077
Email: Website:
With the best regards,
HTM Gmbh (Germany)
Vietnam Office

Mr. Trinh Duc Thinh and Mr. Aleksandar Nesovic

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HTM Gmbh

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Timber Harvesting


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