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Kaster Logging Limited was started in 1978 and has remained a family owned and operated business. We harvest and supply high quality veneer and saw logs. Our company is a global exporter of hardwood logs. We specialize in the highest quality veneer grade logs. Our saw logs are used to produce lumber and a wide variety of products. We provide the following wood species: Red oak, Hard Maple, Ash, Basswood, Cherry, Black Walnut and Poplar. We have an estimated volume of 7-10 million feet per year.
We take great pride in harvesting timber from private lands governed by municipal by-laws and provincial laws of the government of Ontario. The government has strict forestry laws in place which forbid clear-cutting, and requiring a basal count to insure the sustainability of a mixed age, mixed species forest. The result of these laws are healthy and productive forests.
We are also certified tree markers with the highest standards in the industry. We hope you will find our products of interest and consider our company for future business.
Thank you.
Best regards,
Whit Stuckey
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Kaster Logging Limited

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Timber Harvesting


5265 Highway 26 East




Country or Areas: Canada
Post Code: LOM 1SO
Established: 1978
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Whit N. Stuckey III


International Operations




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Homepage: http://kasterlogging.com
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