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Sonae Arauco is the result of a joint-venture between Sonae Indústria and Arauco. This partnership was born to create inspirational wood solutions for a better world and brighter future, and encompasses wood-based panelling, chemical and impregnated paper plants in Europe and South Africa.

Sonae Indústria
Founded in 1959, Sonae Indústria is a multinational company that produces wood-based panels. Rooted in the north of Portugal, it has sprouted to the world, developing products for the furniture, building and decoration industries that improve people’s standard of living. Using wood as the raw material for everything it produces, from the very start Sonae Indústria has made a point of using the natural resources in a sustainable way and to keep the environmental impact of its activities to a minimum.

In 2016, it established a partnership with Arauco, one of the largest forestry product suppliers in the world, giving rise to Sonae Arauco.In addition to this strategic alliance, Sonae Indústria today has the largest particleboard industrial plant in North America, as well as plants for high-pressure laminates and components for furniture in Portugal and Germany.

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