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Customwood® is the world’s premium Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) because of its light colour – achieved through the use of locally sourced Radiata Pine – consistent high quality and our innovative production techniques.

Customwood® is an excellent product for applications that require consistent performance, stability, and a fine finish. It has a highly dense surface and is more resistant to dents, scratches, or kicks than alternatives such as GIB-board. This makes it very suitable for painting or laminating, presenting a smooth finish.

The fibreboard process removes much of the natural organic movement in wood by rearranging wood fibres and eliminating knots. One of the main reasons Customwood® is the first choice for joinery, building and renovating projects is that it routs and machines extremely well. We have an extensive range of products, and can also customise panel size, thickness and density to meet your individual requirements.

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Daiken New Zealand Limited

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