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Founded in 1992, we specialize in Chinese antique furnishings and ornamental pieces, with more than a decade's history in professional antique restoration.
With thousands of Chinese antique furniture companies to choose from, it is imperative to have a trusty companion by your side.

At Gooherasian, we differentiate ourselves from the conventional vendors by focusing on your personalized service. Our client relationships are based on trust, reliability, efficiency and passion.

We pride ourselves in expertise as well as craftsmanship. Each piece of Chinese antique has a detailed history, and we are eager to share its chronicle.

We carry both authentic/restored and reproduced work. Our restoration process is meticulously laborious as we emphasize the preservation of all attributes. We refuse to compromise quality or take shortcuts. Ancient techniques (tenon-mortise principles for example), are practiced and respected by our expert craftsmen. This results in the work that is practical, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

If you have not found a vendor worthy of your trust, please look for Gooherasian for the most accurate and informed decisions. As described in a Chinese proverb,긇istance tests a horse's strength ; time reveals a person's heart.?
We are enthusiastic to be the guide in your elaborate and intricate journey through Chinese antiquities. Gooherasian awaits you.

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Gooher Ansian Antiques

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Impregnated Timber


Jin Bao Ge 8. Hua Cai Antique City, Sanxiang Town




Country or Areas: China
Post Code: 528463
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Anson Chao


Sales manager




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