Pellet consumption in Austria over 1 million t for the first time
Despite all the corona measures, the pellet industry in Austria will continue to grow vigorously in 2020. ProPellets Austria is pleased that this is positive for climate protection, saves money and strengthens Austria as a business location.

In 2019, 930,000 t of pellets were used in Austria. For the current year, proPellets Austria expects this value to rise to around 1.05 million t. Domestic production is expected to increase from around 1.4 million t to a new record of over 1.5 million t. This growth is remarkable under the current circumstances.

Pellet boiler plus 30%
The sales of pellet heating systems are developing just as positively as pellet production. After the number of newly installed pellet boilers increased by 30% in the previous year, strong sales growth at a similar level is expected this year too - despite the restrictions during the lockdown.

"Oil heating is no longer up to date"
Christian Rakos, Managing Director of proPellets Austria and President of the World Bioenergy Association is delighted: “The strong market growth shows that more and more people in Austria want to make a contribution to climate protection. Oil heating is simply no longer up to date and will be pushed out of the market by legal regulations in the near future. This is a huge opportunity to switch to domestic renewable energy. "

In addition to the domestic sales market, Italy is the most important importer of Austrian pellets. More than 80% of Austrian pellets bear the ENplus A1 quality seal. Current subsidy programs such as the “Raus aus Íl” bonus and the additional subsidies from the federal states enable an inexpensive switch from the old oil heating to a modern pellet heating system. Wood pellets have also been the cheapest comfort fuel for years.


Source: Propellets Austria