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Product Name: edged board
Model No: 25*100*6000 мм
Unit Price: 1\82
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Product information:
There are materials from other tree species (spruce, larch, cedar, aspen, birch, alder, oak).
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Edged board 25x100 - building material, which is produced by longitudinal sawing of logs. It is widely used in all types of construction as the main and auxiliary material.

Product Features:
- suitable for construction work both inside and outside the premises
- made in accordance with the requirements of GOST
- has a natural texture
- the possibility of the construction of three-dimensional structures
- the board 25x100 easily becomes varnished and painted
- high strength
- material saves heat and stops the spread of sounds
- easy to transport
Application area:
Edged board 25x100 is used as a basis for floor coverings, during the installation of formwork, non-load roofing and ceilings during the construction of outbuildings. With additional processing (gouging, grinding) is suitable for interior decoration.
Capacity Supply: 4000m3 month
Business Type: Exporting
Target Market: Worldwide or Domestic
Delivery Lead Time:
Valid Time: 10 days
Minimum Orders: 40m3


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