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Product Name: timber
Model No: 150*200*6000 мм
Unit Price: 82usd/1units
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There are materials from other tree species (spruce, larch, cedar, aspen, birch, alder, oak).
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Timber 150x200 is one of the most sought-after products of the woodworking industry. Due to its availability, it is used in almost all types of construction.

Product Features:
- the bar 150х200 is made of environmentally friendly natural materials;
- air and vapor permeability;
- it is much easier to mount structures from timber than from bricks or concrete;
- after processing, the timber 150x200 (gouging, grinding, varnishing) acquires an aesthetically pleasing appearance;
- high strength and bending stiffness.

Application area:
The bar 200х200 is widely applied in individual construction. It is used as floor beams, rafters in the roof and a log for the floor. The material is well suited for the installation of lathing (frame) or embedded elements in hollow walls, staircases, non-load-bearing structures and is the basis for doors and windows.

* The fewer knots and cracks, the more reliable the structures will be.
* The moisture level of the timber of the timber on sale should not exceed 22%.
Capacity Supply: 1000m3
Business Type: Exporting
Target Market: Worldwide or Domestic
Delivery Lead Time:
Valid Time:
Minimum Orders: 40m3


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