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Product Name: Balsa Wood
Model No:
Unit Price: CFR USD550 CBM
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The balsa wood to send is (Ochroma Pyramidale) from Peru with the following characteristics:
- Selected wood
- No dead knots, no rot, no wormholes, no cracks, No black knots, no big knots
- Rustic Sawn(E2E)
- Kild dried: 8- 10% (KD)
- Density: 150 kg / m3 (+ - 10%)

Width: 50 ? 150mm
Thickness: 50 ? 150mm
Length: 1000? 1250mm

Initial contract:
260 m3
Capacity Supply: 260 m3 per month
Business Type: Export
Target Market: World
Delivery Lead Time: 30 days
Valid Time: 12 month
Minimum Orders:


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