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Product Name: Digital Concrete Test Hammer
Model No: HT-225D
Unit Price: 400
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Standard: ASTM C805, BS 1881-202, DIN 1048, UNI 9198, EN12504-2


1. Automatically display and record the rebound value,and calculate the converted intensity value of each measurement area and the estimated strength of the component according to the relevant inspection specifications.

2. 2.0-inch color LCD screen (220?76 pixels), clearly visible inspection data in any situation.

3. Color digital module and mechanical rebound meter can be disassembled at will.

4. Standard battery module, free to dismantle, replace anytime,anywhere, fully realize double power and double charge, unlimited field test.5. Silicone button design, flexible use; ergonomic design, comfortable and warm heart; streamlined elegant design, smiling

look and feel.
Capacity Supply: Cangzhou
Business Type: Exporting
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Delivery Lead Time: 5
Valid Time: 15
Minimum Orders: 1


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