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Product Name: High Quality Microcrystalline Wax Micro slack wax Ceresin pa
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Micro crystalline wax has the characteristics of good luster, high melting point and light color. It has compact structure and good flexibility. It can melt with various natural waxes, improve the melting point of its low wax and improve the performance of coarse wax.
1. Microcrystalline wax can be used to make candles.
2. Microcrystalline wax can be used to make crayons.
3. Microcrystalline wax as coating material in solid preparation, including sustained-release preparation.
4. Microcrystalline wax can also be used in food and cosmetics.
5. Microcrystalline wax is used as hardener in cream and ointment.
6. Microcrystalline wax is used as thickener in lubricating grease.
7. Microcrystalline wax can be used as packaging formulation and coating agent in electrical industry.

Properties Unit 65# 70# 75# 80# 85# 90#
Melting point C 63-68 69-74 70-80 72-82 78-83 89-91
Oil Content %wt Max.13 Max.20 Max.10 Max.10 Max.10 Max.3
Viscosity C 6-9 18-23 15-20 10-20 15-20 13-20
Flash point C - Min.240 Min.200 - Min.200 Min.200
Colour cSt Max.L1.5 Max.L5 Max.L1.5 Max.L3 Max.L4 Max.L2
Capacity Supply:
Business Type: Export
Target Market: Worldwild
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Valid Time:
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