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Product Name: Special paraffin wax PE wax For Wood products Wax for Wood
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1. This product can be fully applicable to the production process of wood products.
2. This product can effectively enhance the waterproof performance of wood products.
3. This product can prevent excessive penetration of glue liquid during veneer bonding of wood products.
4. The product is in powder state, which is convenient for feeding and subsequent processing, energy saving and environmental protection, and can save production cost.
Properties Unit Test Method Specifications
Melting point ASTM D3954-94-2004 76-86
Viscosity mm2/s at 100 ASTM D445-2009 5-7
Penetration 0.1mm/100g,5s at 25 ASTM D1321-2010 15-25
Oil content % ASTM D721-2006 2-5
Size,16mesh % GB/T 6005-2008 70
Capacity Supply:
Business Type: Export
Target Market: Worldwild
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