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Product Name: Zero-formaldehyde Wood-based Panel
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At present, We are using the advanced technology from CS Process Engineering LTD. In terms of research and development, we have already produced the “Guling homogeneous environmental-friendly board’ with MDI as adhesive and the low cost agriculture waste such as wheat straw, maize straw and so on. The products are widely used in furniture industry, interior decoration, packing industry, construction and other interrelated industry. Our products include “Guling environmental-friendly LDF board” , “Guling environmental-friendly Memo board” and
“Guling environmental-friendly Compound Wooden Flooring”. the “Guling” products have already surpassed European E0 and Japanese F**** Standard. The capacity of formaldehyde is only 0.01mg/L.

our products:

1. Zero-formaldehyde Wood-based Panel
2. Zero-formaldehyde compound wooden flooring
3. Zero-formaldehyde memo board

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Business Type: exporting
Target Market: worldwide
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Valid Time: 1year
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