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Product Category : Other Wood Products Post Time: 2/18/2014 4:01:52 PM
Posted By: UAB "Baltic-Pellets"   ( View Company  Details )
Business Type: Offer To Sell Expiration Date: --- : ---: ---
Product Name: Wood Pellets 
Species Preferred: Conifer wood 
Place of Origin: No limited   Brand Name: Baltic-Pellets, Ltd 
Specifications: diameter 6mm, Moisture <10%, ash<0,5%, calorific value > 4500kcal/kg 
Unit : Units  Quality Grade: 10 trucks 
Unit Price: 157EUR/t 
Quantity Required: 10 trucks  Frequency: Monthly 
Product description or other  requirements: We produce 6mm pellets only from conifer wood. Our production conform DIN plus quality requirements.
We pack pellets to Big Bags and to 15 kg bags packages. Pellets weight in 1 Big bag is 1091 kg, so 22 units is full truck - 24002 kg. For 15 kg bags we use 3 kinds of bags - with no press, press with only pellets data in Italian and English languages, and with our company logo and pellets data in English, Lithuanian, Italian and German languages.
We could offer You 2-3 pellets trucks in week, about 10 in month.
We load trucks only when we get money for the order.
Pellets price is 157/t EUR in Big bags and 165 EUR/t in 15 kg bags without commission, EXW conditions.
Terms of Deal
Payment Terms: Before shipment 
Delivery Lead Time: -- 
Delivery Place or Port: -- 
Sample Availability: Y1 
Markings / Labels: -- 
Post By:   UAB "Baltic-Pellets"( View Company  Details )


Contact Information :
Contact Name: Ringaile
Phone: +37067096316
Email: info@baltijospasvaiste.lt
Homepage: http://baltic-pellets.lt/index.php/en/
Country or Areas: Lithuania


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