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[Buy]: Pellet
 Our company is looking for a pellet producer for the next 2019/2020 season. If you are interested, send me, pellet photos, pellet specifications, pellet l...
From: Italy (4/14/2019)
[Buy]: Birds Eye Maple 2
I have been looking for a piece of Birds Eye Maple for quite some time to do a home project.  I need a 12 Foot length 2" x 10" with some birds eye on it. Wo...
From: Canada (4/14/2019)
[Buy]: Pine lumber
We are looking for Kd pine from Brazil, rough and S4S 38 x 89 x 2440, 3660 38 x 140 x 3660 19 x 89 x 2440 Price del to Altamira mexico. Than...
From: Canada (4/14/2019)
[Buy]: Mascarey logs
We buy mascarey logs.  Sizes: Girth over 300 cm Length of 250 cm  Welcome offers FOB basis......
From: India (4/13/2019)
[Buy]: Teak wood in round and blocks
Dear sir We are interested in round and blocks of teak wood , pls send me your quotes and pictures.....
From: India (4/12/2019)
[Buy]: White beech plywood and veneer
Pls help me to quote for white beech plywood and veneer 1) 3mm plywood -11pcs 2) 18mm plywood -4pcs 3) Veneer -4pcs pls see attach sample an...
From: Singapore (4/12/2019)
[Buy]: Ceramic cpu scrap
I am look for ceramic cpu scrap. If you have, whats cost per kilogram in U.S.dollars? .....
From: United States (4/12/2019)
[Buy]: Balsamo planks
I want to purchase balsamo planks to finish a flooring project. Can you shop 100 board feet of Balsamo planks to the US? .....
From: Mexico (4/12/2019)
Dear Sir,  please send your price for KD -18% with CIF Price for Sohar Port Oman. Sawn timber grade (pine), Klin & dry - (18-20% Humidity), No wane, No mi...
From: Oman (4/12/2019)
[Buy]: Timbers
Looking for some timbers to move machinery. These timbers will be bolted to the bottom of the machine on both sides and used as a skid to load on a container. Lookin...
From: United States (4/12/2019)
[Buy]: Indonesian Teak wood for flooring
Dear Sirs,  We are currently studying the purchase of teak wood for flooring, to start with approximately 2000 square meters. We would much appreciate sending u...
From: Egypt (4/12/2019)
[Buy]: Rubber wood butt joint laminated
We consume about 1 400 M3 of wood in panels per year. Thank you for giving us your best price according Thank you for telling us if you speak French. ...
From: France (4/11/2019)
[Buy]: Coloured paper
Looking for a supplierof decor coloured paper from China......
From: Egypt (4/11/2019)
[Buy]: Urethane Bowling Lane Topcoat and Applicator
We are a Bowling Supply distributor located in Sterling Hts., I want to purchase Urethane Bowling Lane Topcoat. I would also need one tape on applicator refill. Can...
From: United States (4/11/2019)
[Buy]: Beechwood
We are an Iranian furniture manufacturer and we are looking forward to import beech wood from georgia for our product. Please let me have your price list and sizes y...
From: Iran (4/11/2019)
[Buy]: MDF
We are wholesaler and retailers of all kinds of materials for furniture production. We are interested in mdf boards. Please send us which are the dimensions which yo...
From: Bulgaria (4/11/2019)
[Buy]: MKG Round Logs
I need a quotion for MKG Round Logs ......
From: India (4/11/2019)
[Buy]: Beech boards
Dear Sirs,  We have a request for beech boards as follow:  Edged beech boards,steamed,KD:1.Th.50 mm;W 10+;L.400-900mm,KD,grade AB-5 containers  2.T...
From: Bulgaria (4/10/2019)
[Buy]: Scaffold boards
We would like to purchase your scaffold boards into the uk on an ongoing basis. please contact to discuss if you can supply.  thank you .....
From: United Kingdom (4/10/2019)
[Buy]: White wood
 We have requirement for White wood for one of our ongoing projects in Oman. Kindly quote your best CIF Sohar port price. WHITE WOOD  SIZE ...
From: Oman (4/10/2019)
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