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[Buy]: Guitars Build quote
I am planning a 100 Guitars pre-order for next year and wanted to have a quote on full builds without pickups and electronics. I heard only great things about your c...
From: Canada (7/2/2019)
I am interested in oak logs. Please send us your price.   Thanks .....
From: Canada (7/2/2019)
[Buy]: logs and lumber
We would like to do business for logs and lumber. Please call us or email us......
From: United States (7/2/2019)
[Buy]: SPC panels
Please price for SPC panels, q-ty 25000 - 30000m2/month ( to USA ).....
From: United States (7/2/2019)
[Buy]: Hardwood lumber
We are a leading joinery company based in Dubai. Since our volume of hardwood consumption huge   --  we would like to deal...
From: United Arab Emirates (7/1/2019)
[Buy]: Teak Logs from RDC
Hello,  we are one of the largest importers of teak logs/sawn timber in India. We are interested in teak logs from RDC Please quote best rates with co...
From: India (7/1/2019)
[Buy]: Sliced Veneers
We have requirement of Sliced Veneers in Species of American White Oak In Quarter and Crown Cut. Kindly advice if you have and offer your price and share the p...
From: Malaysia (7/1/2019)
[Buy]: Firewood and biomass
We will require >1 million MT of biomass per annum post 2020. ----------- -------------- --------- ----------- ----  I work for a 95% State owned comp...
From: Ireland (7/1/2019)
[Buy]: Merbau wood
I am looking for suppliers of Merbau wood on long term supply. If you can supply ,please provide quote. .....
From: Australia (7/1/2019)
[Buy]: MDF
 We are intersted on MDF and cement boards. Pls contact  Regards    .....
From: Sri Lanka (7/1/2019)
[Buy]: Bamboo Cutting Boards
I am looking for a manufacturer who can produce bamboo cutting boards from VietNam .  I represent a group in the United States of America looking to procu...
From: United States (7/1/2019)
[Buy]: Cedar lumber
Hello, I would like a price for a lift of 2x4x12' lumber And rough cut. Thank you in advance .....
From: Canada (6/29/2019)
[Buy]: Film Faced Plywood panels
We are one of the largest importers and distributors of construction materials in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with a current turnover in excess of US$3,0...
From: Turkey (6/28/2019)
[Buy]: Poplar wood
We require Poplar wood to India. If interest to work with us and please provide a quote. .....
From: India (6/28/2019)
[Buy]: Custommade Teak Seat and Table plates
Looking for a company can produce custom made Teak wood seat and table plate accourding the drawings from a client......
From: Germany (6/28/2019)
[Buy]: Hardwoods logs
Dear,  We are searching suppliers of hardwood square logs used for furniture, carpentry and parquet. Please send us your best price offer, by species...
From: Madagascar (6/28/2019)
[Buy]: Eecalyptus lumber
We want to buy ecalyptus and walnut, maple, purple heart, campo.  .....
From: Korea, South (6/28/2019)
[Buy]: Balsa wood
We are interested in buy balsa.  Balsa wood blocks KD and balsa clean dust packed.  By containers, each......
From: India (6/28/2019)
[Buy]: Hevea wood
I have a requirement for hevea wood......
From: India (6/27/2019)
[Buy]: Matt paper 150/120 Grams
Please offer 1x20 ‘cntnr matt paper 150/120 grams in size of 100x70 or 110x70 cms.....
From: Iran (6/27/2019)
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