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We are interested to buy Basralocus logs and Bulletwood logs......
From: Bangladesh (3/26/2017)
[Buy]: MDF boards
 I would like to import 10 containers of MDF Board per month. We will require E0 and E1 category CARB approved board. Sizes required all sizes.Kindly send me th...
From: India (3/25/2017)
[Buy]: American Walnut
Dear , please quote us : Qty: 100 M3 american walnut  height up to 380 cm  width up to 20 cm thickness 3"inches. Kind of Wood: KD walnu...
From: Saudi Arabia (3/25/2017)
[Buy]: Striped wood
I am interressted in 2"x2", 3"x3", in length 50 cm and 100 cm. in many types of wood, oak, teak, mahogny, red wood, black wood, white, striped wood. Do you have...
From: Norway (3/25/2017)
[Buy]: Wood Flooring
We need a quote on how much it would cost to order 1600 sq. ft. of hard wood tongue and groove flooring. Thank you. .....
From: United States (3/25/2017)
[Buy]: Manufature of wpc for construction
We need a manufacter to produce wpc for construction on our behalf,with the same specifications of film faced plywood. The specifications are: PHENOLIC FILM FAC...
From: Oman (3/25/2017)
[Buy]: OSB 2 Per a Month 3000 pcs
Dear Sir/Madam, We are a trading company and have a monthly requirement of OSB 3000 sheets. we got to know that your company manufacture and export OS...
From: United Arab Emirates (3/24/2017)
[Buy]: Kuruing Hardwood (Red) and Teak Plywood
We are interested in sourcing prices and reliable supplier to supply the following items   1. Kuruing Hardwood (Red) Qty 60000 Cuf. Origin Malysia - India...
From: Australia (3/24/2017)
[Buy]: FILM FACED PLYWOOD (for construction)
We are a construction company specializing in importing and exporting equipment from Vietnam to countries with branches of companies such as Korea, Japan, ... C...
From: Vietnam (3/24/2017)
[Buy]: Cyprus timber
Kindly send us your prices of Cyprus timber and breakdown for supply of one trailer to kenya......
From: Kenya (3/24/2017)
[Buy]: Doors
We are a business company that buy all of the materials and needs such as door, kitchen wooden ,.......... so tomorrow we are in Istanbul for business activity and w...
From: Iran (3/24/2017)
[Buy]: Birch Plywood
We are interested in your product Of Birch Plywood Class C , one face surface Thickness1,8mm
Width. :1220mm
Length:2440mm Quantity :1x40'...
From: Egypt (3/24/2017)
[Buy]: Beech Wood and Beech Veneer
Please quote: Beech Wood: width 2 x 6 inch or 8 x 10 inch Length: minimum 8 ft.  Beech Veneer: width 15 cms or more.  Thickness 0.6mm  ...
From: United Arab Emirates (3/24/2017)
[Buy]: Power line timber poles 33kv rated
We are looking for a timber pole supplier for our electrification project in Chad would you be able to assist in suitable supply of poles rated to 33 kv.....
From: United Kingdom (3/24/2017)
I'm looking for a company in order to produce baseboards according to the attached blueprints.  The specs of the baseboards would be:  - Piece di...
From: United States (3/24/2017)
[Buy]: Birch lumber
We are interested in the following   birch lumber to produce the cabinet, my requirements are as follows: 1.AB grade unedged birch lumber, random widt...
From: Egypt (3/23/2017)
[Buy]: Hardwood
We are manufacturer for furniture from Vietnam who looking for trust wood supplier with high volume. Some of species we are interested in such as Tali, Doussie, Pach...
From: Vietnam (3/23/2017)
[Buy]: Birch lumber
We are a trading company we have client in China interested in the following   birch lumber to produce the cabinet, my requirements are as follows: 1....
From: Egypt (3/23/2017)
[Buy]: Parota slabs
I'm looking for slabs for; Bar 16" wide X 32 feet long, 2" thick  Ideally, they'd like a live edge along one side. I'd love to end match the pieces, i...
From: United States (3/23/2017)
[Buy]: Mesquite wood chip
Looking to purchase truckload quantities of wood chip , please email or call .....
From: United States (3/23/2017)
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