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[Buy]: Melamine white plywood
 I would like to know the price of 100 melamine white plywood boards (16mm) .....
From: Swaziland (9/23/2017)
[Buy]: Red wood
Dear sir, I am interested to import red wood. Can u please give me exactly the prise of 500 cube metre of wood with high quality . please i like the prise in eu...
From: Tunisia (9/23/2017)
[Buy]: European oak slats (lamella)
We are a Dutch (Netherlands) company which is working at the European flooring market and looking for suppliers of European oak slats (lamella), which are used as to...
From: Netherlands (9/22/2017)
[Buy]: Mdf 3660*1830*16mm
I'm interested in raw mdf. we work 3660*1860*16mm (size of mdf board) and only this dimension and high density. (above of 700kg/meter cube)  if you ca...
From: Iran (9/22/2017)
[Buy]: MDF Board Manufacturing factory
We are interested in setting up an MDF Board Manufacturing factory in Qatar. The land required for the unit is already available(1000 sq.m). I wanted to inquire if...
From: Qatar (9/22/2017)
[Buy]: HDF Door Skins
Hi I'd like to buy HDF Door Skins. Plz contact me. .....
From: India (9/22/2017)
[Buy]: Kids furniture
Dear Sirs, we are a Danish import Company looking for kids furniture. Do you have that ? Best Regards, .....
From: Denmark (9/21/2017)
[Buy]: Plywood 9mm size
We would like to inquire price quotation for plywood 9mm size, as we would be needing roughy 2 40 ft containers to be imported here in the philippines monthly, we ar...
From: Philippines (9/21/2017)
[Buy]: Ash and oak wood
I want to import ash wood and oak ..so please quote me the best possible price ...   best regards,  .....
From: Pakistan (9/21/2017)
[Buy]: Pellets
I need the price of pellets per ton. We need a couple of trucks for Serbia Best regards .....
From: Serbia (9/21/2017)
[Buy]: Iroko and dabema sawnwood
We are importers of wood in athens - greece we are interested for iroko and dabema kd or fresh sawn cut pls let us know if you can suplly us kind regards .....
From: Greece (9/21/2017)
[Buy]: Sweden wood boards
Dear Sir , Please quote your best price for following 1. Sweden wood 190cm *10cm*3.5cm 340 pcs 2. Sweden wood 2cm*10cm*3mtr 245 pcs  . ​S...
From: United Arab Emirates (9/21/2017)
[Buy]: Wood handle and handle brooms
 I would like to know you and your product in the field of cleanliness and prices in terms of brooms Wood handle and handle brooms and all the products of th...
From: Algeria (9/21/2017)
[Buy]: Planted teak wood
We are interested in import of planted teak wood from Brazil to INDIA. If you can supply us good quality planted logs with the girth of 80-105 Cm. Contact us ......
From: India (9/21/2017)
From: India (9/21/2017)
[Buy]: Wood doors
Hi, we got a new house poject and need a lot of new doors. .....
From: Canada (9/21/2017)
[Buy]: Eucalyptus grandis peeler veneer logs
We are interested in Eucalyptus grandis peeler 3SC and 4SC veneer logs, diameter 30"+ cm. Can you please provide quotes?  Please contact me at lpc487[at]gmail.c...
From: United States (9/21/2017)
[Buy]: Solid walnut chevaron
I need 90mm x 18mm x fix length, t&g , abc grade lacquered flooring . .....
From: India (9/20/2017)
[Buy]: Beech and Oak wood
Inquiring about Beech and Oak wood. looking forward to Hear from you. Regards .....
From: Kuwait (9/20/2017)
[Buy]: Solid wood flooring
I need w.oak flooring t/g quality A grade free from any defect 15mmx150mm or 200mm x 3000mm k.d  .....
From: Greece (9/20/2017)
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