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  • [Buy]: Dark red meranti and merbau wood
    I need two types of wood: Dark red meranti and merbau and the following sizes: 88x133mm, 46x250mm, 46x310mm, 80x155mm, 100x100mm, 46x130mm and 80x255mm.  ....
    From: Netherlands (10/6/2015)
  • [Buy]: Teak Logs / Wood
    We are a leading construction co. in Pakistan. required 3000 Cft of wood for one of our project.  .....
    From: Pakistan (10/6/2015)
  • [Buy]: Beech lumber and Veneer
    We are a commercial company, site in Portugal and we are interested in Beech lumber and Veneer. We request a business offer for  Beech Lumber:  - Qual...
    From: Portugal (10/6/2015)
  • [Buy]: Raw MDF
    we are looking for raw MDF, Our target raw plain MDF is 1830mm*2440mm* It is a special order 500cbm monthly is needed .  Could you please supply us? ...
    From: Iran (10/6/2015)
  • [Buy]: Robinia wood 50m3
    I need some robinia wood for making a playground equipments.  If you can promptly supply robinia wood(poles, boards, square lumber) with about 50 m3 , plea...
    From: Korea, South (10/4/2015)
  • [Buy]: Beech wood
    we request a quote for 20 feet container of beech wood for pizza oven c&F Bahrain port ......
    From: Bahrain (10/3/2015)
  • [Buy]: Beech wood chips
    I'm looking for 10.000 ton/ month , beech wood chips to export to Turkey,pls send me an offer . .....
    From: Turkey (10/3/2015)
  • [Buy]: Wooden puzzle toys
    We would like to enquire about the price for wooden puzzle toys products with the minimum ordering quantity. We look forward to hearing from you soon.  Be...
    From: Hongkong (10/2/2015)
  • [Buy]: Plywood
    Inquiry for plywood ......
    From: India (10/2/2015)
  • [Buy]: West-European logs
    Dear Sirs, We export local logs (poplar, oak, beech, ash to the Eastern countries. We have been doing so for more than 10 years and would very much like to kno...
    From: Belgium (10/2/2015)
  • [Buy]: White wood
    Dear sir,  I want from 500 to 700 m as a begining . According to dimension :  Thikness from 32 to 50mm  Widtgh from 100 to 250mm  ...
    From: Egypt (10/2/2015)
  • [Buy]: Reclaimed timbers
    Dear Sir, We are a company based in Dubai dealing in wood flooring and timber. Please send us your offer with complete description for reclaimed timbers. K...
    From: United Arab Emirates (10/1/2015)
  • [Buy]: red Meranti round log
    we are looking for Malaysia round log species:  dark red Meranti, Mersawa, merbau and teak round log prefered load in container please contact joechao945@g...
    From: Taiwan (10/1/2015)
  • [Buy]: teak round log
    we are looking for teak round log girth 150 cm up please contact joechao945@gmail.com.....
    From: Taiwan (10/1/2015)
  • [Buy]: Sawn Beech Wood
    We are interested to import best quality seasoned Sawn Beech Wood of different square cut sizes and length for Industrial use, and shall be highly glad if you could...
    From: Bangladesh (10/1/2015)
  • [Buy]: Guitars
    I am looking for a manufacturer of my own line of guitars. . I would like to acquire more information about your guitar manufacturing requirements, and prices. Do y...
    From: Canada (10/1/2015)
  • [Buy]: KD oak elements
    searching for relaible suppliers of KD european oak elements. thick 25 width 65 lenghts 230-320-620-820-1020.....
    From: Italy (9/30/2015)
  • [Buy]: Ash wood
    We are interested in purchasing ash wood and exporting to Dubai, UAE and Karachi, Pakistan. I would like to get quote on shipping cost to both destinations and cost...
    From: United Arab Emirates (9/30/2015)
  • [Buy]: Plywood for furniture
    We are manufacture of various furniture and would like to request a quotation on the following items. We would appreciate your sales quotation of the listed items be...
    From: India (9/29/2015)
  • [Buy]: Building products
    I am looking for producers of building products like ABC,Raamhout,Doorjambs and other wood components FJ solid/FJL allowed. Finish (primer coat) and unfini...
    From: Netherlands (9/29/2015)

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