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  • [Buy]: White Oak, Walnut, Poplar,Pine and Beech timbers
     We are a furniture manufacturing company in Vietnam who are having a demand for high-quality White Oak, Walnut, Poplar, Pine and Beech timbers from Eastern Eur...
    From: Vietnam (5/29/2016)
  • [Buy]: White ash and beech wood
    we are currently needing 35 to 70 cubic meters of White ash and beech per month, our sea port is manzanillo mexico, we use rough sawn,square edged,KD or AD, 45m...
    From: Mexico (5/28/2016)
  • [Buy]: Teak logs
    we r the importers of wooden teak logs  we need best prices ......
    From: India (5/28/2016)
  • [Buy]: Burma teak
    I m interested in buying burma teak waste siding , as if its a waste for you after cutting down burma teak logs for veener ..  I m a buyer for that waste &n...
    From: India (5/28/2016)
  • [Buy]: MDF
    We are looking for a supplier OSB and MDF......
    From: Iran (5/27/2016)
  • [Buy]: spruce timber and OSB-3
    We are looking for spruce timber 400 m3 a month, and OSB-3 200m3 a month from Ukraine to Hungary......
    From: Hungary (5/27/2016)
  • [Buy]: we need pine, beech, white oak etc
    we need the price, grade, specification, specifc name of the wood, which kind of the wood is example:logs, luber square edged or sawn lumber.....
    From: China (5/27/2016)
  • [Buy]: Wood egg
    I want to buy 100 tons of wood egg industry carpentry poultry farms along the wood of 125 cm and a width of at least 20 cm Note that I consumed 500 tons a year. .....
    From: Pakistan (5/27/2016)
  • [Buy]: Paulownia
    I would like to get a complex qoutation of - Paulownia logs (AA/AB), 4000 m3. - Edge Glued Panels Of Paulownia, 3000 m3. Delivery FOB......
    From: Hungary (5/27/2016)
  • [Buy]: Woody biomass
    Our company is a trading company in Japan. We are looking for woody biomass supplier. We are very interested in your company.  If you can export...
    From: Japan (5/27/2016)
  • [Buy]: Bogmats
    We regularly buy bogmats from Europe. please give me prices and availability on bogmats 70mm thick, 100mm thick and 150mm thick.  .....
    From: United Kingdom (5/27/2016)
  • [Buy]: Beech Wood
    We are the leading importers of Sawn Beech Wood. We mainly import the following sizes and specifications only: Thickness 2" ( 52 mm ) Widths 6" & wide...
    From: United Arab Emirates (5/26/2016)
  • [Buy]: Spruce lumber
    we are interested in spruce lumber, both kd&ad, and looking for direct supplying partners.  Port: Qingdao&Taicang  --------------- -------------------...
    From: China (5/26/2016)
  • [Buy]: Plywood 4' x 8' x 1"
    I represent a US based company that will be working on a China in Shanghai. We will need to purchase 160 sheets of 4' x 8' x 1" general use plywood. BC grade will...
    From: United States (5/26/2016)
  • [Buy]: Beech Wood & White Wood
    We have two inquiries for following products.   please provide us with your best offers :  (Open quote #1)  Product: Wood Boards ...
    From: United States (5/26/2016)
  • [Buy]: Hardwood and softwood logs for MDF production
    we are buying logs for our plant in turkey, hardwood and softwood logs for MDF production . .....
    From: Turkey (5/26/2016)
  • [Buy]: Wood shavings for poultry's
    I am interested about importing wood shavings . .....
    From: Lebanon (5/26/2016)
  • [Buy]: Beech Wood Required
    Forest & Shores DMCC is of the leading importers of Sawn Beech Wood, operates in the Middle East for the last 10 years, mainly in Dubai from all across the Europe &...
    From: United Arab Emirates (5/26/2016)
  • [Buy]: buy request From iran
    hi dear I want round wood  please give me the prices of circular section wood with diameter minimum 15cm to maxmimum 20cmm i want 2000 m3 for exportr...
    From: Iran (5/26/2016)
    I would like to have a quotation about Spruce pallet timbers  Here is RFQ for Spruce pallet timbers for sales promotion in Korea. 1. Spruce pallet tim...
    From: Korea, South (5/25/2016)

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