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  • [Buy]: Uv boards and acrylic boards.
    I am interested on your uv boards and acrylic boards.  Can you send me more about the product?.....
    From: Mexico (7/26/2016)
  • [Buy]: Sal wood
    We are in requirement of "5000 cubic feet" of malaysian sal wood.We want the delivery in Nepal. It would be very kind of you if you can send us the rate for the...
    From: Nepal (7/26/2016)
  • [Buy]: MDF
    I am looking for new providers of MDF and melamine MDF for our companies . Please advise logistics and prices of MDF for 40-foot containers.   .....
    From: Spain (7/26/2016)
  • [Buy]: Synagogue furniture
    We are refurbishing our synagogue in Manchester Uk and are looking to buy 320/350 seats .  Please send catalogue and price list .....
    From: United Kingdom (7/26/2016)
  • [Buy]: Teak wood
    We are from India. We are looking for Teak wood logs and roughly squared from these countries; Brazil, Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and African Countries. W...
    From: India (7/26/2016)
    I am looking for Yellow Timer timber dimestion 40 x 250 x 3000 (or 6000) quanlity is 1000 CBM.It is for asia market. .....
    From: Sweden (7/26/2016)
  • [Buy]: Hardwood Stake
    Looking for 50,000+ hardwood pointed stakes. 1-1/2"x 1-1/2" pointed. 24" and 36" in length. Please advise. We are a wholesale producer of silt fence in various Mid A...
    From: United States (7/26/2016)
  • [Buy]: Beechwood and rubberwood
    I am looking for beechwood and rubberwood supplier for chair manufacturing. please send details .....
    From: United States (7/25/2016)
  • [Buy]: Teak Timber
    We are a yacht repair & maintenance facility in Fiji and we do work on international yachts.  I would like to buy some teak timber for our use as follows:&...
    From: Fiji (7/25/2016)
  • [Buy]: Spruce timber
    We need spruce/fir timber 200m3 a month to Hungary. Mixed dimension. Payment after unloading. Can we cooperate? .....
    From: Hungary (7/25/2016)
  • [Buy]: White pine wood
    We need white pine wood for shaving to make horse bedding. If you have this type of wood please cont. us. Your immediate response would be highly appreciat...
    From: United Arab Emirates (7/24/2016)
  • [Buy]: Plywood
    Could you kindly send best quotation for full container of plywood 18mm thickness, i believe it is 1200 x1800mm to be export directly to Sydney Australia. .....
    From: Australia (7/24/2016)
  • [Buy]: Pine Logs/Lumbers
    We are in requirements of various sizes of Pine Wooden Logs/Lumbers to cater our Cable Drums requirements. We are the largest wire & cable manufacturer in India...
    From: India (7/24/2016)
  • [Buy]: Pvc shuttering board
    Please provide your technical specification of the Pvc shuttering board 1220mm*2440mm 18mm 0.7g density.  Thanks. .....
    From: Pakistan (7/24/2016)
  • [Buy]: Deck Floor Tiles
    For UK Markets we require Polished DIY wooden deck tiles size 30x30 cm 9 tiles in a gift box as per picture attached. Kindly forward yr E-Catalogue with full sp...
    From: United Kingdom (7/23/2016)
  • [Buy]: RAW MDF
    We needs MDF : The Specifications and Pictures for: The Raw MDF ,  Size : 2800 x 1220 mm Thickness : 16mil Package : 77 sheets/plates in e...
    From: Iran (7/23/2016)
  • [Buy]: Veneer
    I am having a plywood manufacturing unit at vizag, India. I need to import face and core veneer . I woulk like to know the details.  .....
    From: India (7/23/2016)
  • [Buy]: OSB 8mm and 12mm
    I work for a company that is looking for OSB of 8mm and 12mm , i want to know if you can give me more info about this product and if you can sent it to Mexico. we...
    From: Mexico (7/22/2016)
  • [Buy]: Juniper flooring
    I (phone 541 447 3020)am looking for about 500 square feet of juniper flooring , 1x4+- random lengths, can you help me? Mike Warren Sr. 541 447 3020  .....
    From: United States (7/22/2016)
  • [Buy]: We are interested Hardwood Core veneer from Gabon
    Dear Sir/Madam,  We are interested to import Hardwood core Veneer as per below specifications :  Thickness : 1.7mm Size : 1270 x 640mm & 13...
    From: India (7/22/2016)

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