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  • [Sell]: logs
    Dear Sirs,  We are one of the largest food processors and distributor in Angola. Our group is Phoenician Eagle Group and we operate in Angola through our f...
    From: Angola (11/27/2015)
  • [Sell]: wood pellets
    Dear Sir/ Madam Thank for your time with us I come from HKN Exim co, ltd is one of companies export about agricultural product in there must mention about...
    From: Vietnam (11/27/2015)
  • [Sell]: Softwood C24 plane
    High quality material.C24 4x2 3m;4,8m. 5x2 2,4m;3m;3,6m;4,8m.6x2 2,4m Unit Price:GBP225/CBM  4x1;5x1 GBP190/CBM.....
    From: United Kingdom (11/26/2015)
  • [Sell]: Oak logs, ash logs, wood Pellets, wood briquettes
    We are suppliers of the highest quality wood pellets, briquettes RUF and oak logs. For further information please contact us.  We can supply the following produ...
    From: Hungary (11/26/2015)
  • [Sell]: Wood Briquette Fuel /Firewood
    1.Application:  a. Home heating stoves  b. Hot water boilers and the industrial boilers,  c. Biomass power plants  d. Rural l...
    From: Ukraine (11/26/2015)
  • [Sell]: Wood Pellets, Wood Briquettes, Wood Chips and Firewood.
    Welcome We are known for exporting good quality biomass products and 0ur main line of product are Wood Pellets, Wood Briquettes, Wood Chips and Firewood. ...
    From: Germany (11/26/2015)
  • [Sell]: Quality Sipo, Okan, Iroko, Sapele logs and sawn woods for se
    Timber is our main export product, to which we give all attention, having the possibilities to produce a wide range of specifications, on client request.Our experien...
    From: Germany (11/26/2015)
  • [Sell]: Spruce sawn timber wood
     name Spruce sawn timber wood Material  pine, chinese fir, paulownia,poplar,spruce,cedar etc wood size thickness 18/20/23/29mm width 89...
    From: Germany (11/26/2015)
  • [Sell]: Southern Yellow Pine Logs 20 cm and up, 25 cm and up
    Available 10,000 Metric Ton of Southern Yellow Pine for Export via Ocean Container 40' HQ   We can supply Southern Yellow Pine Logs. We can provide sizes s...
    From: Ukraine (11/26/2015)
  • [Sell]: Studs 2x4 (38x89mm), 2x6 (38x140mm) from Russia
    Species: Spruce or Pine; Moisture Content: 16% KD; Surfacing: S4S (R 1/16); Grade: Studs; Dimensions: 2x4" (38x89 mm), 2x6" (38x140 mm); Len...
    From: Russia (11/26/2015)
  • [Sell]: European Beech Timber
    Beech Boards, steamed, unsteamed 26,32,38,50 mm   Unsqaured Beech Boards 60,80 mm    Beech elements, rough sawn or S4S  Pleas...
    From: Italy (11/25/2015)
  • [Sell]: African hard wood / Logs -Cocobolo wood -Rose Wood -Bocote
    We are looking forward for a very serious company and partner who are willing and ready to establish a very long term business relationship and transaction with our...
    From: France (11/25/2015)
  • [Sell]: White Ash Logs -Beech Logs -White Oak Logs / Red Oak Logs -
    We are looking forward for a very serious company and partner who are willing and ready to establish a very long term business relationship and transaction with our...
    From: France (11/25/2015)
  • [Sell]: pellets, brikets, firewoods, lumbers
    W can offer: 1/ Pellet - pine, oak, beech (BB, 15 kg); 2/ Briket - pine, oak, beech (1 t, 10 kg); 3/ Firewood - oak, beech, apple (1x1x1,7, 1x1x2,15);...
    From: Slovak (11/24/2015)
  • [Sell]: Hardboard Plate - Our Product Range Quotation
    Hardboard Plate Size - FCA Bursa Prices:  (2 mm ) 1200x1000mm - 1,78 /pc  (2 mm ) 1170x970mm - 1,63 /pc  (2,5mm) 1200x1000mm - 1,65 /pc  (2,5m...
    From: Turkey (11/23/2015)
  • [Sell]: Russian Spruce, Pine Lumber 22 & 44x100x3000 (see photos)
    Russian Lumber Co. is offering: Product: Lumber (sawn timber); Species: Spruce (Whitewood) and Pine (Redwood); Origin: North-West Russia; Moistur...
    From: Russia (11/23/2015)
  • [Sell]: Bois De Chauffage ,Legna da ardere , Beech,Oak,Alder Kiln D
    Best quality kiln dried firewood packed in 2m3 crates.  We can offer a special deal if you take in larger quantities.  We are producers of the best qu...
    From: Germany (11/23/2015)
  • [Sell]: KD Firewood in Wooden Box Pallet 100/100/180
    Oak, Beech, Hornbeam, Acacia, Ash - cut in 25 cm, 33 cm,50 cm. Split 8-13 cm, in 1m3, 1.6m3 or 1.8m3;  We offer a good variety of logs sizes and wood speci...
    From: Ukraine (11/23/2015)
  • [Sell]: White Oak, Steamed Beech
    we,dunyaorman gmail produce and wholesale white oak and beech timber, elements and flooring strips.any size we can cut.....
    From: Turkey (11/23/2015)
  • [Sell]: Pine lumber cut to order
    Our company is a manufacturer of lumber (pine Pinus Silvestris) in Ukraine. We provide high quality and delivery terms, logistics and customs clearance of the goods....
    From: Ukraine (11/23/2015)

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