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[Sell]: offer oak 26mm fixed widths 135 x 1.80
We offer 2 containers 26 x 135mm x 1,80+ (10% 1,5-1,7) KD ABC quality, ready for loading, regular production of 2 containers/month.....
From: Italy (11/24/2017)
[Sell]: Siam Rose Wood
We supply square Siam Rose Wood (Dalbergia Cochinchinesis Pierre) 2 x 20 FCL ready for shipment. For more information please feel free contact us. woodsiam@gmail.com...
From: Thailand (11/24/2017)
[Sell]: Merbau meranti kapur balau
nabire.wood@gmail.com  Dear Sir. (  We are exporter timber products. Our products are as follow Moldings, semifinished goods, and compo...
From: Indonesia (11/24/2017)
[Sell]: Hard wood for sales
We are direct seller of hard wood from Africa......
From: Nigeria (11/24/2017)
[Sell]: Eastern white pine lumber and logs
Eastern white pine logs  we supply Pine, spruce, Dourglar Fir logs, both Saw logs and Peeling Logs. Fresh cut, with bark. Volume: upto 20,000cbm...
From: Poland (11/23/2017)
[Sell]: film faced plywood
Our lines are mainly wood products, for example plywood, film-faced plywood etc in China, and we have factories on Equatorial Guinea and Gabon,Our Equatorial Guinea...
From: China (11/23/2017)
[Sell]: Pacific Koa timber products
Direct form Fiji, Pacific Koa products Doors, Veneer, Flooring, slabs, Furniture, Sawn timber, Guitar blanks, ply, panel , custom designs  we are want...
From: Fiji (11/23/2017)
[Sell]: offer small diameter ash logs
VAPEBOIS offers 10-20 containers small diam ash logs : 28 - 39cm diam. If interested, kindly send a message and you receive best offer. Thanks.....
From: Belgium (11/23/2017)
[Sell]: BBQ Hardwood Lump charcoal for sale
Hardwood BBQ Charcoal for sell. We have quality grade oak charcoal and other brands for exports at very competitive prices and payment conditions......
From: Ukraine (11/23/2017)
[Sell]: Ash , Alder , Birch , Aspen Firewood, Oak ,Hornbeam
Ash , Alder , Birch , Aspen Firewood,Oak ,Hornbeam  Main type Firewood Cleaved - Not Cleaved Type Firewood/Woodlogs Cleaved Origin Ukraine,Netherlands...
From: Ukraine (11/23/2017)
[Sell]: All coniferous Wood Chips
Main type:Wood Chips - Bark - Off Cuts - Sawdust - Shavings Type: Wood Chips From Used Wood Origin Ukraine Specifications Volume 40 m3 Spot - 1 t...
From: Ukraine (11/23/2017)
[Sell]: Pine Tongue and Groove Wall Paneling 12,5x96x3000mm
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Wall Paneling manufactured out of Pine (Redwood) harvested in Russia's North-West. Fine grain wood, small sound knots...
From: Russia (11/22/2017)
[Sell]: Wooden house
We are a Latvian Wooden Frame Houses manufacturer that operates all over Europe. Our activity is production of house kits as well as installation.   We als...
From: Latvia (11/22/2017)
[Sell]: white and red oak
4000 3x3x8ft white and red oak boards and 1000 2x4x8ft white oak boards.....
From: United States (11/22/2017)
[Sell]: mobile pellet plant
Small mobile pellet plant, can make all raw materials into pellets, one unit, with hammer mill, conveyor, pellet mill and so on......
From: China (11/22/2017)
[Sell]: Rhodesian Teak/ Mussivi/ Kiaat
We have Rhodesian Teak/ Mussivi/ Kiaat from Angola, On demand.....
From: Angola (11/22/2017)
[Sell]: Firewood
We have an good indian fire wood.tamrind tree,mango tree etc.........
From: India (11/21/2017)
[Sell]: Teak wood
We export teak wood.  In logs, squares, decking and flooring.  Welcome inquiries......
From: Ecuador (11/21/2017)
[Sell]: Saman wood
We export saman wood.  In logs, squares, slabs and flooring.  Welcome inquiries......
From: Ecuador (11/21/2017)
[Sell]: We Offer wood pellets quality class ENplus A1 From Ukraine
DIAMETER: 6 mm and 8 mm MATERIAL: pine, or spruce PACKAGING: Big Bags 1000kg or plastic bags from 15kg  CERTIFICATES: ENplus A1.  Minimal o...
From: Ukraine (11/21/2017)
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