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Featured Companies

Germany: Forest Trade & Transport GmbH
Export of european Wood logs and lumber.
For wood logs we are already exporting several hardwood (
Beech, Oak, Ash, Poplar) and softwood (Pine, Spruce, Fir) types in different qualities. Sawn lumber in offered in 15 different grading and sorting as KD..
Brazil: Incomatti Madeiras Ltda
The company worked now with sawed wood, Logs, S4S, S2S, anti-decking, floorings, mouldings, AD, KD and we counted with a great variety of species, such as:Sapeli, Wenge,Afrormosia, iroko, doussie padouk, bubinga,Bilinga,Tali, Bali,okume,movenghi and many other species.
To supplp european hardwoods: beech, oak ,ash, european cherry.
Canada: SPF Precut Lumber
The company is an established and award-winning exporter and remanufacturer of Canadian wood products, based in beautiful British Columbia, Canada since 1990.  
Canada: Coast Fraser Enterprises Co.,Ltd.
The company is a core distributor of North American wood products in Asia. Located in Vancouver, B.C.. Coast Fraser has established presence in numerous locations across North America and East Asia.  
star5.gif (691 bytes) U.S.: Dashmesh lumber Llc
Dashmesh is a global supplier of southern yellow pine logs, red oak logs and white oak logs. All our logs are furniture grade and we can supply in large volume.  
ad-r-0110.gif (5904 bytes) Germany: CHP Holzprodukte Handels GmbH
CHP is trading, producing and exporting the following materials:Logs,lumber and veneers.  
U.S.: Forest Products Distributors, Inc.
Located in South Dakota in the United States, Forest Products Distributors (FPD) specializes in the international lumber trade as well as domestic distribution, production and processing of lumber.
To supply Russian wood (birch, pine, spruce, fir, and others). We can supply at the best prices and on favorable terms.
Serbia: SEEnergy Timber doo
The company is a Swiss company established in 2013 and co-financed by the state-owned SECO Start-up Fund.
The company operates two sawmills in Serbia, where we process beech and oak, with production capacities of 40'000 cbm/year.ms.
New Zealand: Arbor Resources Ltd.
Arbor Resources Ltd is a sawmilling and timber exporter for all sizes and grades of New Zealand radiata pine timber.
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