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POLARES is a agent worldwide of tropical products of the wood sawed of pine/pinus and the wood of hardwood of the quality of Brazil.

We offer the competitive price, the service of consistent customer, and an emphasis in the careful quality control.

They offer a wide variety of products of timberwood:

?Sawed wood (hardwood or pine/pinus)

?Lumber- Sawn rough, S4S, S2S, E4E, AD(dried air) and KD (kiln dried.)

.Qualitys FAS/Grade A/GradeB.

稵o pave -flooring unfinished and prefinished

稰latforms & parts deckings(smooth and antiskid)

稤oors - elegant hardwood solid and half hollow

.Handles of brooms and tools

稦urnitures for interiors and gardens

.Sheets of hardwoos and parts for furnitures



?and other available products in top of the order.

They are some of our :

TROPICAL HARDWOODS here: Sama鷐a, Andiroba (Cedro-macho/Crabwood), Angelim Rock, Cambar? Cedrorana, Cabreuva (Santos Mahogany/Red Insenso), Cumaru(Teak/Chestnut Brazilian), Curupixa (President Mogno), Garapa (Ash Brazilaian/Goldenwood), Ipe (Walnut Brazilian ), Jatob?( Cherry Brazilian), Cedro Rosa (Red Cedar aromatic), Ma鏰randuba (Redwood Brazilian ), Mogno(Mahogany Genuyne), Muiracatiara (Tigerwood/Gon珑alo-Alves), Muirapiranga (Blodwood), Pau-Amarelo( Satinwood Brazilian),Violeta (Kingwood),Angico(Timborana),Louro Faia (Lacewood),Goiab鉶(Brazilian Maple) and Tauari (Hickory/Oak Brazilian).

PINEWOODS: Elliottis, Thaeda, Carinean, Ondurean, Ocarpha and Brazilian.

All ours hardwoods are certified IBAMA and cut with strict controls to assure the quality and ambient standards of the preservation.

We always offer deliveries in 30 to the 60 days FOB-Port Brazilian.

He says us its specifications please.

We will be satisfied to supply a personalized citation

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Polares Promo玢o Comercial

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Agents & Brokers


Av. Cupec? 5920


S鉶 Paulo


Country or Areas: Brazil
Post Code: 04366-001
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Norberto Sim鮡s




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