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Ara Sales Company is an International Agricultural Commodities and Forest Products Company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company was formed in 1985 and is the headquarters of the Ara Group of Companies. The Ara Group of Companies has roots reaching back to 1970.

Ara Sales Company (Ara) has four divisions. The first division specializes in the wide range of agricultural commodity products. The second specializes in the supply of a wide range of diversified forest products and the third provides marketing consulting services to manufacturers of industrial equipment, oil, gas, and chemical industries. And the fourth division specializes in financial support to prospective traders of the other three divisions. Ara's four divisions assist the company to contribute to clients' needs.



Ara serves the domestic and international agricultural commodity and forest industries with procurement needs. North / South has the world's largest resource of agricultural commodities and forest products and the Vancouver division of Ara supplies the following:

Agricultural Commodities Division

Canola oil and meal Soya, Sunflower, Corn, Wheat, RicePackaged and bulk edible oil products; and bulk animal fatsForage Legumes, Forage Grasses, Turf Grasses, Cerealsother Agricultural commodities

Forest Products Division

Lumber from selected species of North and South America

Pulp which meets the papermaker's vast requirements around the world

Panel from plywood to particleboard and MDF

Paper from boxboard, containerboard, newsprint to fine cotton content

Ara has organized sales of agricultural commodities, such as vegetable oils, forage legumes, forage grasses, and turf grasses and forest products such as lumber, pulp and paper, and has also carried out shipment assignments for supplies of deep sea shipping terminals and docks.

Market Development Division

Ara has an International Trade Services division which specializes in market development around the world. In order to fulfil its obligations as a reliable supplier, Ara has expanded and established its market to include North and South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Ara will endeavour to achieve maximum expansion of its activities and network, and thereby meet its clients' needs even more effectively. Ara recognizes the need for commitment to its customers and continues striving to develop new markets - especially ones with high growth potential. Ara also extends its marketing expertise to domestic industries by introducing and developing international markets in more than 15 countries for industrial equipment including: heavy duty machinery, trucks, oil field equipment, drilling equipment, and pumps.

In addition, Ara has carried out work projects with the private sector, governments and international agencies. .

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