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We are a regular exporter of non-metallic materials in China named Hebei Lee's Industrial Co., Ltd, who can supply the vermiculite board and vermiculite brick. The vermiculite board(brick) that is mostly made of expanded vermiculite, and it has the following characteristics:
1. The fireproofing grade is A grade, under the circumstances of 1000 centigrade degrees after one hour.
2. When the vermiculite board(brick) face to fire or high temperature circumstance, it is non-deformable.
3. Water-tolerant, insulate against heat and sound.
4. It is harmless to the environment. The vermiculite board hasn't formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and xylene by the test.
5. The use is wide: Vermiculite boards(bricks) for your Fire proofing, Sound proofing applications in furnace lining, stove lining, fireproof door, fireproof ceiling, fireproof wall, fireproof rolling shutters, as cladding material of construction steel frame and also for heat insulation and preservation in boilers such as smelting boiler, heating boiler and so on.
6. It is easy to use: Easy to print, as the wooden; Easy to move as the light density; Easy to cut for just using a hand-saw.
7. The shape: According to your enquired, even the irregular shape. We can produce the vermiculite board(brick) in our range of specification by your detailed inquiry.
If you are interested in the above, please feel free to contact us the detailed enquiry. For our mutual benefit, we hope to establish long-term business relationship with you. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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