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Zhejiang Tenglong Bamboo Group located in Zhejiang Province Longyou Xikou Industry zone.where is regarded as the secomd bamboo resource area in Zhejiang Province and rank as"the Village of China Bamboo".It makes numerous customers so enchanted by the scenery as to return,with beautiful view,attractive scenery,drifting fragrance of the bamboo,comvenient traffic.Established in 1979,our company is the first enterprise specialized manufacturing the production of plybamboo that replaces the wood with bamboo in china.Our company is regarded as "Zhejiang Province Agriculture Leading Enterprise",the "Tenglong brand" is Zhejiang Province Famous Trademark". Our company governs four subsidiary companies including Zhejiang Tenglong Bamboo Making Co.,Ltd,Zhejiang Tenglong Bamboo floor making Co.,Ltd,Zhejiang Sifong Auto Co.,Ltd and Zhejiang Tenglong Thermoelectricity Co.,Ltd.

Zhejiang Tenglong Bamboo Product Co.,Ltd mainly produces veneeracccumulating by bamboo plit and bamboo mucusconstruction moulding board.The products exploitation is listed in the items of Nation"Senen Five"Spark Plan in 1986.They passed the Nation-chass authentication in 1987. The manufacturing approaches of products obtained the National Invention Patent ( Patent No.88102689.1 ) . At present,they are widelu used in the industries of train,automobile,building,container,steamship and bridge,etc.toreplace the wood,steels.Among them the train floor,the plate pillow,are ranked as appointed manufacturer by Ministry of Railways.Bamboo glue auto floor is ranked as appointed manufacturer by the second auto manufacture factory of China.Now we have 7 production line of the bamboo glue floor,which annually produce various bamboo glue floor of 26000m3.

Zhejiang Tenglong Bamboo & Wood Flooring Manufacture Co.,Ltd fetched in Germany Homag floor Germany processing & molding line and Italy Elmag automatically installing line to use the bamboo timber synthetically,improve the machining accessional value.The new bulit large-scale bamboo floor production enterprise,the finish machining all adopt the advanced bamboo machining machinery at the same time period of Occident,includes the extractive of international top-chall floor machining equipment family:Homag,Elmag,Weinig,SCM,BUTFERRING,Leitz,Viet......,Compement with Finland dynea Group E0,E1,grades of environmental protection adhesive,Germany TREFFERT,U.S.A.PPG supper-wearable paint.The main products have bamboo wood compound floor,teal wood compound floor,bamboo wood compound floor,bamboo furniture and panel.Basedon the European standard,far sell to the developed countries such as America,Canada,Ltaly,Holland,France,etc......Company has 33 set the most advanced timber,bamboo timber dry balance room.The ability of daily dealing with dry bamboo timber is the top in the whole country.The international first-class technical equipment with enoughsupply of bamboo resource establishes the firm base for Tenglong Bamboo Floor to occupy the advanced market of international floor actively.

The aim of Zhejiang Tenglong Bamboo Group is to protrude the trait of bamboo,make the "Tenglong Brand"bigger and stronger.The new material of bamboo with health,environmental protection,and nature is gotten more and more attention by the whole world.We bring the green material with environmental protection,fresh to use products of"Tenglong"series to create the green life of bamboo together with the clients with the ability of forward seeing world.

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Zhejiang tenglong bamboo & wood manufacture co.,ltd

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