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Firstly I would like to introduce my self to you, I am Yunni a Director
of PT. INDRA BHUANA ABADI cargo, trading and buying agent.

We know that now days there are many trading, buying agents, and cargo
companies. Most of them tried to give the customers the best service
but some of them are only focus with money, relation is away from their
mine then customers will get these problems;

are you buyers with these problems:
1. The price of products are more expensive than the business
price that supplier given to customers.

2. Buyers have to pay high commission to buying agent.

3. The quality of goods sometimes not go! od, they changed the
material to make more profit.

4. When customers make an order they have to wait a long time to
get the goods, because only one supplier supports them.

5. Cargo services is also offered by the buying agent or supplier
but some cargos don抰 provide traffic schedule to let customer know the
present position of containers and it need a long time to get the good
arriving at the customers warehouse.

6. After arriving home, sometimes the goods are damages, because
they are not taking care with the packing procedures and stuffing.

7. The freight cost is very expensive.

Here we are PT.INDRA BHUANA ABADI will help you to solve those

We offer the products in our lowest business price. You may save 10%
to 20%.
The buyers don抰 have to pay ! any commission to us.
The quality of the goods are excellent, because we always arrange
and strict about the material.
Customers don抰 have to wait for along time to get the products, at
least we need 2-3 weeks to finish the products since the goods ordered,
because we have many different kind of suppliers. At least, for one
item we have 5 (five) suppliers.
Our cargo services provide the customers traffic schedule to let
customers know the present position of containers and you don抰 have to
wait a long time to get the goods at your warehouse.
We are very strict with packing procedures, to keep the goods
secured. For goods which cost you more than RP. 2,500,000 we use bubble
plastic, foam, and single face for packing. Stones, pottery, glass, and
ceramics is always packed with crating and grass paper. To anticipate
damages (lines) of leather we use foam and for handcrafts we ! use box full of
grass paper.
Our freight cost is the cheapest one.
We help you bargaining at your last suppliers (If you have any).
Payment can be made as easy as we can.

Ou Products are:

Indoor/outdoor furniture (mahogany, teak, rattan, water hyacinth,
banana leave, bamboo, recycled teak and antique)
Gazebo (Balinese home style)
Home ware and d閏or (lamps)
Gardening (Garden lamps, garden statues, rocks)
Handcrafts (woodcarving, plaque, etc)
Accessories (Bags, hat, shoes)
Garment (batik, soft ware hand made)
Silver & Gold
Antiques Doors and table

We are also offering free shopping tours.! We will take them to our
best suppliers to get the better price and good quality.

Our website will be finish next week. For further detail of products
you may visit our website at

For more information please contact us at 62-82-3610868 or
62-81-23812967 or e-mail us to

Thank you very much for your attention and I look forward to hearing
from you as soon as possible.
We are able to send some catalogues to you if you like.

Best regards

Director & Marketing Manager

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PT. Indra Bhuana Abadi

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Jl. raya Kerobokan No 100xx Kuta Bali




Country or Areas: Indonesia
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Established: 1998
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Yunni Maryani


Director & markeitng manager




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