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We have the honor to introduce our selves to your company

VAL ALEX CO. is consider one of the few Egyptian and Arabic companies which doesn't depend on an identity or
Licensing from any foreign factories, where our production is is originated from our thoughts & experiments which Are supported by our experiences in the same field for over fifty years.

And we have presented our thoughts and experiences to the international markets that are represented in many
Varieties projects which housed in many Arabic and European countries such as Italy ?Romania ?Canada 朇hina ?Syria ?Jordan ?Egypt ?United Arab of Emirates 朆ahrain ?Middle East.

We present the best of High Technology reached in this field, also Colors and Designs which are suitable for all
Local and International Markets....

*RAW MDF Boards:
With different sizes (1830x3660mm, 1830x2500mm, 1220x2440mm) and thicknesses.

*RAW HDF Boards:
With different types, sizes (1830x3660mm, 1830x2500mm, 1220x2440mm) and thicknesses (start from 3mm).

*Laminated Flooring:-
Are available now by the Click System expression and within 250 colors, Chemical treatment against the heat and
The moisture, severe the bearing and the resistance against the shocks, friction and scratch

*The Skirting:-
Made by the thickness of 15 mm and coated by Post forming material by the same color of the Parquet.

*Post Forming:-
All types of Post forming with all sizes and shapes (250 colors).

*Wall Panels:-
Made of M.D.F. material or Chipboard Faced with Post Forming Material formed from both sides with quarter
Column shape with width start from 20 cm to 118 cm with 240 cm length.

*The industry requirements of desks and the kitchens:-
The pinch of an office or a kitchen by the different sizes is faced from both sides by the Post forming material
(Available in 250 Colors); kitchens shutters are by the same pinch specifications.

*Boards Faced with Formica:-
We press all types of boards (Chipboard ?M.D.F. ?Block board - 厖.. etc.) with Formica for Furniture uses,Partitions, Kitchen, Panels 厖 etc.

*Melamine Boards:-
We produce Chipboard or M.D.F boards Faced with Decoration Paper beverage with Chemical Resin available in
Different Sizes:1830X3660mm 1830X2500mm 1220X2440mm

*Fall Ceiling :-
Slabs for Fall Selling made from Compact Natural Woods Faced from both sides with L.P.L. material, size 60x60cm or any other special sizes.

*Raised floor:-
Special for control or computer rooms, available in many designs with many special qualifications in 250 colors.

Are made from Honey Comp material which can handle high pressure Faced from both sides with M.D.F boards
Which are coated with H.P.L. material against Temperature, Moisture and Acids, it has special colors (Up to 250Colors).

And since we present you with this acquaintance, wish for you more progress, prosperity and your participation by one of our products in the movement of development and reconstruction that you lead successfully in your beloved country;

Thanks & Best Regards,

Miss Safa'a Al-Dandashi
Commercial Manager
Tel +20 12 01 88 0 88
Fax +203 42 88 018

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