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Dindas Australia was launched on the 21st February 2006, a new name and image for a company that has been servicing merchants since 1972. Dindas Australia is a national wholesale distributor and importer of timber and hardware products., with offices and major distribution facilities in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland .

Dindas Australia is a customer service focused company, with a tag-line "building product value". It's what we're doing, and what we deliver. We are Australia's largest distributors of engineered wood products, which due to their bulky and multi-sized attributes, require a very high level of service and handling expertise. Rapid delivery time, technical support, training and marketing support are all important parts of Dindas Australia's service package for engineered wood products.
Dindas Australia is also recognised as one of Australia's leading importers of Douglas Fir (Oregon) from Canada and the United States. As well as this, we import Baltic Whitewood from Finland and Sweden, Radiata Pine from New Zealand, South East Asian Hardwoods from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. In addition, Dindas Australia distribute local hardwoods such as Jarrah, Karri, Tas Oak and Vic Ash, local treated and untreated radiata products, as well as some particleboard and plywood products.

Dindas Australia also has one of the largest LOSP treatment plants in Australia, where we not only treat our timber and engineered wood products, but also provide custom treatment services for many merchants and wholesalers on the Eastern Seaboard. Rapid response times, and the highest quality standards, backed by our 25 year guarantee.makesDindas Australia the No.1 choice for treated timber products and solutions. Our strategic partner in LOSP treatment is KoppersArch.

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