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Our company 揢D HOLZ GROUP?that is located in Ukraine is the manufacturer of high quality sawn-timbers and semi-finished products (such as lamella,wooden glued panels etc.), intermediates for a furniture industry and others, manufacturing from hardwood and softwood breads
At present time we are neglect new manufacturing capacities and teherefore we are select
a stable clients with good solvency for long-term relationships.
We have a modern equipment and at present time we have possibility offer to You lamellas (sawn veneer)for the parquet production from next kinds of bread (Quality ?Select/A/B/B2)
1. Softwood: siberian larch , siberian stone pine (sib.cedar)
2. Hardwood: common oak , an ash , smooth-leaved elm , wych elm , a beech , an alder, field maple , sycomore maple , a walnut , wild cherry.
Dimensions: Thickness 2.0 -10 mm , width no more than 200mm (tolerance no more than 0.15mm); length no more than 2500mm.
We hope - those sizes will be convenients for your production.
If this offer intresting for you , please report and send us exact specification with sizes, quantities, place of destination, conditions of payment and delivery accteptable for You
and Your price ideas per sq.m.

We are not manufacturers of cheap products and raw materials, but good抯 cost level will be pleasant for You.

With best regards

Head of marketing department

Mikhail Vorona

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UD Holz Group/Institut Lisu Ltd.

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Country or Areas: Ukraine
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Established: 1992
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