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We are one of the leading manufacturers of Timber products in Ghana. It is an export oriented company and our products are exported to all parts of the world.

Our products are all sourced from controlled wood managed natural forests.
Samartex is sourcing the raw material from forests, which are known for centuries to provide the best quality of tropical forest wood.

Our Saw Mill has an installed capacity of 2,500m3, Moulding Mill 450m3, and Ply Mill 1,200m3.

Our modern veneer plant produces up to 1.000.000m2 veneers per month. When it comes to veneer production, two essential factors are most influential on the quality of the product: the experience and knowledge of the people who process the veneers and a sustainable supply of the highest grade of logs.

Having put in place a system that ensures the continuous development and education of our human resource based on one of the most advanced forest management techniques.

-- Lumber
We produce a variety of species and various grades and sizes. We kiln dry most of our timber and we have a kiln capacity of 1500 M3. We take pride in our quality and range of species and we one of the biggest producers of Khaya Ivorensis - the real African Mahogany.

-- 3-ply laminated Scantlings
We produce 3-ply laminated scantlings of high technical quality and excellent bonding, from a wide range of suitable species which come from our own forest concessions.

-- Plywood
Plywood is the combination of rotary veneer by the application of Glue and Hardner (WBP or MR) and pressed. WBP Plywood (Solid and Flexible), sanded and calibrated and MR Plywood (Solid) produced from light and medium density species

-- Table Top
Table top slabs

-- Curl Veneer
In 1996 Samartex was the first company in Ghana that started producing crotch veneers. Sometimes termed “curl” which is manufactured from the intersection of the limb or branch with the main trunk. Equipped with two specially designed horizontal slicers, Samartex has reached a monthly output of 10.000 m3. Traditionally used in the USA and Europe for high-quality architectural woodwork, Samartex Curls are well known for their good average length and superb “feather”.

Samartex Curl Veneer is all sourced from controlled managed natural forests. Natural regeneration ensures the sustainability of the forests.

Samartex products go beyond even the environment. Our social development programs contribute to water, health care (hospital), and educational facilities like kindergarten, schools, and vocational training, through to a football team to the communities we work with.

For the improvement of the standard of living and incomes of the rural population in our region, we have started extensive agro-forestry projects, which also reduce the pressure on the natural forests. In purchasing Samartex Curl Veneer you can be sure that there is a direct socio-economic as well as an environmental benefit to the people and ecology of Ghana.

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