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We are a vertically integrated company that produces only the finest cultured tropical teak hardwood sustainably planted and grown by our sister company, Tropical American Tree Farms on our 16 Costa Rica plantations. We manage every facet of the process from planting on through harvesting the trees and milling the lumber into the desired specifications. Until this year, we have been using our teak internally through our wholly owned furniture, specialty products, and decorative art company, which supplies very high-end pieces to major city galleries around the world, to architects for major interior/exterior projects for commercial and residential applications and to very high-end yacht builders for custom designed interiors.

We have now reached harvest capacities beyond that which we can utilize internally so we are seeking outlets that appreciate the worth of quality, sustainably grown teak. We have received numerous recognitions including the prestigious National Arbor Foundation Good Stewardship Award and the Association of Woodworking and Furnishing Suppliers Sequoia Award.

We have the ability to provide FEQ and/or FAS grades of lumber, green, R/S or dried and dimensioned to your specifications.

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Tropical American Hardwoods

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