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EAST CURIO Chinese Antique Furniture is one of the Chinese antique furniture dealers in Guangdong, China. We collect all our traditional Chinese antique furniture and the other accessories from the ancient townships and folk villages in the northern regions in China. Most of our products are from Shanxi, Hebei, Henan, Gansu, Qinghai and Zhejiang province, etc. Some of them are from Tibet and Mongolia.

We trust we have the best taste and understanding on the traditional Chinese antique furniture. According to the scientific tenon-and-mortise construction of the Ming and Qing dynasty combined with the ancient workmanship, our skillful workers restore each piece of Chinese antique furniture in the traditional working ways. Therefore, each piece is close to it抯 original condition. It still has it抯 traditional looking and taste after restoration. What抯 more, our great care can stop our products from crack, collapse or deformation.

Our products have been far distributed to more than twenty countries and regions. We have over 5000 pieces finished items in stock and a lot of pieces unfinished items are ready to go to our working space.

Our business concept is the combination of Chinese antique furniture with modern living elements. Chinese antique furniture, like cabinets, chairs, tables, and so on, was skillfully applied to the design of modern living space, starting with the Chinese style of the first wave. They are no longer the ancient oriental exoticism, but the true globalization of decorative philosophy, which was the leisures of life is a life of quiet.

We are going to find more practical, versatile and particularly Chinese antique furniture to suit contemporary market. In the meanwhile, we wish to share anything about Chinese antique furniture with you.

You are welcome to our website or our company to get more information about us and our collections.

Besides chinese antique furniture, our product line include:

China Antique, Eastern and Oriental Curio such as Ceramic, Porcelain, Pottery, Bamboo,stone,wood Carving, Buddha Art,
Bronze & Copper Pieces, Painting, Lighting & Lamp, Mongolia & Tibet Series, Textiles, Garden Furniture and Garden
Pottery, Rustic Home Refinishing, Interior Decorators, Landscape Architects, Garden Designers, Pavilion, Baskets Purses,
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sword,antique chinese teapot,chinese antique table,antique carving chinese ivory,chinese antique chair,antique chinese
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