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Standard Holdings Limited (SHL) was established in 1993 as a specialized manufacturer and distributor of full range of particleboard and fibreboard products. From its head office in Hong Kong, and operating under our registered trade name, Standard Fibreboards, the SHL Group owns and manages 3 factories in Dongguan, a factory in Zhanjiang (both of Guangdong) and a factory in Taicang, Jiangsu on the outskirt of Shanghai. Additional sales offices and distribution centres are located in Beijing and Shanghai. All are 100% wholly owned subsidiaries fully licensed for the manufacturing and distribution of all panel and furniture products including import/export and domestic sales. Standard Fibreboards, the non toxic, environmental friendly E-1 class particleboards and fibreboards, were introduced from Europe to China by SHL during the 1990s. With the advancements in adhesives, E-0 and Super E-0 (F 4-stars) panels were subsequently introduced in response to the growing environmental concerns of our customers, making SHL a pioneer in the China market.
  Throughout its entire corporate history, SHL has continued to make significant investments in the latest technologies for its production process, quality control and information management systems to ensure a supply of high quality products at competitive prices. Towards this regard, one of the most important ventures taken by SHL was the construction of our first particle board factory in China (Zhanjiang, Guangdong) in 2005. The German made, fully automated Dieffenbacher Particle Board Line will start production in 2006, making SHL a fully integrated manufacturer. With its independently managed forest plantations of fast growing timber in Southern China, SHL is ensured of a stable, sustainable and cost effective supply of raw materials. Furthermore, the establishment of this renewable, FCS compliance source of wood chips also demonstrated our continual commitment to the protection of environment.
  SHL is currently the leading producer and distributor of panel products in China. One of our key corporate development strategies is the establishment of a national distribution network throughout China. Our strategically located factories and distribution centres in Dongguan (China South), Shanghai (China Central and East) and Beijing (China North), allow us to provide prompt, efficient supplies and services to customers in throughout the nation. The SHL Group also includes three subsidiary furniture factories, each boasting the latest, automated, high precision woodworking machineries and skillful workers. Together with our design and product development division based in U.S.A., SHL is also a high quality producer of innovative furniture products.
  In short, Standard Fibreboards is the first name in particleboard, fibreboard and panel furniture products in China.

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Standard Holdings Limited (SHL)

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