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In 1996 Holtan Investments CO. LTD started operating in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.
Holtan is a Tanzanian Registered Company where 180 people, under European management, work en produce.

The company has grown to one of the most progressive and innovative wood producers in Tanzania, specialist in import, export, production and manufacturing of lumber and wood products.
In the construction Holtan is specialist in doing Turn-key projects like: offices, banks, private mansions and renovation and restoration projects such as the recently completed restoration of the presidents palace ?The State House?in Dar Es Salaam.

The progressive growth of the company is based on development and improvement of technology, knowledge and delivering a European quality product in a Third World market.

We have, through getting our on concessions and installation of sawmills and kiln dryers, the opportunity to offer you the following timbers;

Timbers available for export.

Priority trade name Botanical name Local name Usage

** Muhuhu Brachylaena Hutchinsii Mkarambati First class flooring
*** Panga Panga Miletia Stuhlmani panga panga Flooring/furniture (replacement for wenge)
*** PaoRosa Swartzia madagariensis Msekeseke Flooring/ furniture
* Mninga Pterocarpus angolensis Muninga Doors windows furniture boat building
** Afzelia Afzelia quanzensis Mkongo Flooring interior joinery furniture
***** Missanda/mwavi erythrophleum guineense Mkarati Flooring bridge decks railway sleepers
***** African cherry Hymenaea verrucosa Mnangu Flooring joinery general construction
* Iroko Chlorophora excels Mvule Joinery doors windows furniture
* Mahogany Khaya anthotheca Mkangazi Cabinets high class joinery flooring
****** African blackwood Dalbergia melanoxylon Mpingo Musical instruments
*** Teak Tectona Grandis Mteaki Boat decks furniture

As we export timber, we also produce furniture and semi-finished products from exotic timbers in our factory.

We would like to ask you if you would be interested in solid woodflooring in Panga Panga, Pao Rosa or Muhuhu, and if so in with quantities.

If case of any interest in our products, please contact us on our e-mail address.

Yours sincerely,


Frank Kiewiet,
Export division
Tel.: +255 22 2701588-90
Fax : +255 22 2701591
Mobile: +255 744 570425

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Furniture Industries Ltd.

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mikocheni Industrial area nr 6


Dar es Salaam


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Frank Kiewiet


Genaral manager export and imp


+255 22 2701588


+255 22 2701591
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