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Today, Agrocortex Florestas do Brazil, has the largest sustainable forest management project in Brazil, located between Acre and Amazonas states. It is responsible for the sustainable management of nearly 200,000 hectares of tropical forest where it produces more than 150,000 m3 of high quality raw wood and over 250,000 m3 of biomass for bioenergy transformation. Agrocortex Florestas do Brazil is the only project, in the world, authorized, by both CITES and IBAMA, to manage brasilian mahogany (Swietenia macrophyla), producing in a sustainable way, annually, more than 2,000 m3 of mahogany sawn timber. In addition, Agrocortex Florestas do Brazil, produces, at its industrial complex, 80,000 m3 of sawn wood from more than 45 species, including Ip? Cumar? Cedro Rosa, Jatob? Garapeira, Muiracatiara, Assac?and Suma鷐a, being the largest timber industrial project in Acre state with a total investment of over 100 million and creation of 350 direct jobs.
The project is in FSC certification process and therefore has several projects promoting positive social and environmental impacts of the project, having several partners for such reference, which highlights the State of Acre, the Tropical Forest Institute and several universities.

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Agrocortex - Madeiras do Acre

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