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History, Culture, and Performance of PT. Nagabhuana Aneka Piranti

Entering 18 years in the timber industry, PT. Nagabhuana Aneka Pirantil has been recognized as one of the best wood working manufacturing company, where it is now well-known with its brand- NBA Indonesian bare core.

Supported with 5 well-organized factories, the company has received several achievement in meeting with the world's standard compliance including:

1. USA's quality and factory management standard, in which this requires that all goods entering the USA market must meet specific product quality and is managed in such a good product manufacturing through factory and social compliance audit. The company must also manage the employees in accordance with the regulating law and rules in that country.

2. PT. Nagabhuana Aneka Piranti has met the Timber Legality Verification System to ensure all wood products and raw materials are derived from legal resources, both their origin and management. With this verification system, the origin of the timber, the logging licenses, systems and procedures for harvesting, transporting, processing, and trading or transfer are legal.

3. As the first bare core manufacturer that received national accreditation for quarantine inspection. This accreditation is order to protect and provide security for producers through the quarantine guarantee that the goods delivered are free of pests.

PT Aneka Nagabhuana Aneka Piranti was established on August 25, 1998. Until now the company has approximately 3500 workers. In the first year of running, the company produced furniture until later in 2013 began to produce bare core, block board and ply wood.

PT. Nagabhuana Aneka Piranti has been successfully exporting its products approximately 300 containers of products, and they are shipped to overseas markets starts from Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Middle East, until the United Kingdom.

In carrying out its activities, PT. Nagabhuana Piranti is supported by experienced, trained and qualified Human Resources.. The company applies continuous improvement in order to meet booth quality assurance and insurance. Apart of this, the company also has good relationship with its stakeholders such as wood suppliers, other material suppliers, forwarder and service agents as well as with the governments.

Company vision
To become the best wood work manufacturing company that produces world class products and services for customer satisfaction

Company mission
1. To apply 5 working values as the soul for every employee
2. To make the product as the quality reflection of self, team work and management company.
3.To always Improve product quality and quantity in order to strengthen competitiveness in worldwide market
4. To open to criticism and constructive suggestions for customer satisfaction and the company's progress
5. To pay attention to the welfare of environment and its sustainability safeguarding as a form of social responsibility

For PT Nagabhuiana Aneka Piranti, TO WORK is:

1. To Pray Worship, so any intentions, words and actions must reflect to to the Lord Almighty
2. The process of learning to continuously develop the self quality
3.As a Mean of practice to improve integrity to achieve the unity of thought, word and action
4. The process of being self, co-workers and the environment glorification
5. The process of producing the best products and services to Customer

Company Name:

PT. Nagabhuana Aneka Piranti

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Jalan Industri I no 88 Desa Kutu, Telukan, Grogol




Central Java
Country or Areas: Indonesia
Post Code: 55762
Established: 1998
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Hari Sutantya


Corporate Secretary/ Marketing




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