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Hind Handicrafts is the finest manufacturer and exporter of high quality hand crafted Wooden gifts and Nautical Items. Our main product line, wooden ship wheels, are the perfect items to provide in ships steering & to brighten up any home, office, restaurant or business. These are made from Sheesham (Hard Wood) with Brass centre. These are available from 12'' to 72'' in many designs.
The creations of Sheesham & Rose wood includes Wooden Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, Tea Boxes, Coffee Boxes, Incense Boxes, Game Boxes, Candle Holders, Paper Rack, Pen Holders, Paper Cutter, Coasters Sets, Ashtrays, Wooden Jewelry, Smoking Pipes, Door Handles, Walking Sticks, Nautical tables and other such items.The company also manufactures Nautical items like Sextants, Telescopes, Compasses, Ship Telegraphs, Ship Clocks, Dividers, Magnifying Glasses, Sundials, Sand Timers, Clinometers, etc.The Company is situated on the North of India. We are nearest to Delhi capital of India. Our City Nagina, is known as Wood Crafts City. Hind Handicrafts has been in business in the same location in Nagina (Bijnor), U.P. INDIA since 1989, satisfying the needs of nautical and wooden hand crafts collectors, as well as the requirements of Buyers. We take special care in providing you with the finest quality at the best price. Please feel free to order any product with the utmost confidence. Irrespective of the size or quantity you order, you will receive our fine and friendly service at the best price. All types of wholesaler or dealer inquires are welcome.


The town Nagina is situated in Uttar Pradesh district Bijnor 29?27碞orth of the equator latitude and 78?29碋ast from the Prime Meridian longitude. The town is famous for wooden handicrafts through out the world and known as Wood Crafts City. Our ancestors also have gotten national awards by the Indian Government. The wooden handicrafts established in Nagina from 18th century. The climate geological position is most suitable for wooden work, because of having many hard and soft wood such as sheesham wood, rose wood, haldu wood are found in abundant in this region.
Hind Handicrafts has given a new shape to the wooden handicrafts with the help of self designed machines and experts hand of labour, we are enable to product large quantity of our products as per customer requirements. Our firm opens the new way of business. Hind Handicrafts was established in 1989 and produced a new style of wooden handicrafts. Here we make Ship Wheel, Nautical items, Walking sticks and large variety of Gifts boxes and office ware. In our factory there are hundreds of Crafts man dedicate there skill for hour抯 labour and produces wheels. The wooden art is completely influenced by our ancestors.


Our specialties are Ship wheels. We have a wide range of wheel. Which is a fine example of Indian wooden art? In any business TRUST is very important so Hind Handicrafts is a registered manufacturing and exporting firm from INDIAN Government. The wood which we use is fully authorized by the Indian Government. We purchase the required wood from government Depot. Our firm also have the facilities to develop items as per customer designs and samples. We have been regular customer due to its satisfactory services received by them, with abundant capacity and skill to manufacture any type of wooden items particularly Ship Wheels. Our aim of delivering finished item exactly as per customer requirement.


The wood which we use is the heart portion of sheesham wood, which density is nearly 881.83 Kg/m3 this wood is available in abundant in this region. After converting into plank from the log of sheesham wood, for long life of our articles we seasoned the planks for several weeks for getting the required density after surety by our practical expertise inspection that the wood is completely moisture free and in fine luster. Our crafts men give the shape into circular pieces. Modern machines are used for getting fine luster of the wood by rubbing with sand paper. Pieces are fastened by standard glue which chemicals prevent the wood from insecticide. Our craftsman with their dedicated and expert skill and hundreds of our labour to has given the shape of wheels.
The company also has the facility to develop items as per customer designs & samples. Leading companies have tried the Nautical Gifts and handicrafts of the company and have been regular customers due to satisfactory service received by them. With abundant capacity and skill to manufacture any type of marine and nautical instruments, the company works with the aim of delivering finished items exactly as per customer requirements.


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Established: 1989
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