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Welcome to Guannan Yindelong Wood Co., Ltd.
Specializing in Poplar Eucalyptus Paulownia Russian Larch Radiata Pine or Combi LVL(Laminated Veneer Lumber)
Exported to Japan as main similar in appearance to plywood without crossbands.

LVL&LVL Moulding Can Replace Sawn Timber MDF Particleboard:
1. Invented to replace sawn timber, keep products in shape&strength as low variability.
2. More durable and less prone to shrinking or warping.
3. All in E0 standards, keep your enviroment green.
4. Available in a wide range of thicknesses and formats.
5. Can be cut and machined with normal woodworking tools.
6. High connection capacity and fixing withdrawal strength.
7. High strength to weight ratio.

Benefits Factory:
1. Poplar tree planting base,making sure all timber resources are legal.
2. LVL production line takes 5s management, and takes piece-work system,
rewards and punishment system to control workers and products quality.
3. Give fast shipping and catch up your selling and production schedule.
4. Adopted by Japan which control quality strictly as main market.
5. Formaldehyde emission standards had reached E0, phenolic formaldehyde glue(Outdoor),
urea-formaldehyde glue(Indoor).
6. Selected seldom defects veneer core which can support LVL in better strength.
7. Moisture below than 15% in factory which will keep products in good condition and shape.
(moisture will be changed as the application surrounding condition).
8. Certificate JAS & CARB & FSC.
9. Test service and quality any request from you.
10. Three different quality classes and price level.

Application LVL&LVL Moulding:
Window and door, Indoor&outdoor furniture, rafters, columns, purlins, wall plates, girders, collars
H-Beam, header, ridge beam, floor beam, raised panel, base rail, trim stock, I-Joists, blank core stock
Jambs, mockblocks, mullions, mull posts, casement parts, pallets.

Big Customers In Japan, there are still a lot old customers and increasing each day worldwide:
Sumitomo Forestry Co.,Ltd. Ithochu Corporation. Marubeni Corporation.

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Guannan Yindelong Wood Co.,Ltd.
222500 Zhuhai Road, Guannan County,
Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, China
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Mr.Jian Meng
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