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You may never have heard of D & M Lumber Products or International Hardboard, but chances are that you've touched a piece of our board today, whether it was a drawer bottom in your kitchen cabinets, the markerboard in your office, the trunk liner in your vehicle, or the bottom of your child's playpen. Hardboard is a product that you don't normally notice, but OEMs know that the specifications of that "invisible" board have a critical impact on how long their product lasts and how well it performs. D & M Lumber Products has specialized in thin panel products since 1952 and we are proud to say that many of our customers have been with us for decades. We've earned that loyalty by supplying only products that are "on spec", on time, and at a competitive price.

Over the years we have expanded beyond hardboard into the full range of panel products. We now supply wood fiber panels from softboard, to MDF, to HDF, as well as particle board, melamine faced board, plywood, colored MDF, colored cementitious fiberboard, and even acrylic and corrugated plastic sheets.

Established by David B. Packin, D & M has earned an international reputation for ethical business practices and reliability. The company markets board under its own label as well as board from the top manufacturers in North and South America, Europe and Asia. The technical specifications of our products are among the highest in the world, far surpassing the U.S.Voluntary Product Standards. International Hardboard also takes great pride in the fact that raw materials for our boards are drawn from renewable plantation grown resources.

In addition to panel products we offer value added services including treatment for fire rating, custom finished and fabricated components, and just-in-time delivery of cut-to-size parts. Our logistics department offers services to distributors including rail to truck and container to truck stripping, warehousing and reloading.

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