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A revolution is underway in the building industry ¨C and Structurlam, with over five decades of wood products innovation, is leading the way. We built our reputation founded in quality and customer satisfaction, and now are setting the standard for mass timber manufacturers across the continent. Five decades young and still going strong, Structurlam is igniting the mass timber revolution across North America.

Structurlam is a team of experts ¨C with deep industry knowledge in two business verticals: construction and industrial. We seamlessly blend the science of wood with ingenuity in timber engineering and product application. We are recognized on a global stage for both our quality mass timber products and our ability to design, fabricate, and deliver system solutions to the most complex projects.

Our people will work with you throughout your project, from conception, to design, to install, and have helped build some of North America¡¯s most beautiful, high-profile structures with mass timber ¨C including Vancouver¡¯s UBC Brock Commons and Portland¡¯s Carbon12.

In industrial markets, CrossLam CLT serves as a safeguard for the environment, intentionally designed and engineered into ground protection applications ¨C Rig, Crane, and Access matting ¨C to provide safe and easy access to work sites. Lighter, stronger, and more durable than traditional solutions, CrossLam CLT lowers costs with more mats per truckload and lowers emissions with fewer truck deliveries.

We approach every mass timber project with a passion for both the strength and beauty of wood. It is this very passion that has resulted in more award-winning structures, by Structurlam, than any other CLT manufacturer in North America.

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Structurlam Mass Timber Corporation

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