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China Triones Investment Co., Ltd. – Wood Division (Short as CTI) is a Professional Channel Manager of International Manufactural Supplying and Economic Purchasing with Import & Export License approved by China Government. CTI’s main business is to import to China market wood raw materials such as logs, lumber, and dimension etc. and export to overseas markets value added wood products such as furniture, flooring, molding, window & door, picture (frame), and stair parts etc..
With specialists in wood business, quality control, IT, international trade, logistic, and accounting etc., CTI aims to offer quality products and economic manufacturing service to the Channel Buyers and to help Channel Manufacturers get production orders, reach international standard in shortest time, and save expensive marketing cost, thus benefit all parties involved.

CTI Products:

Wood Raw Materials – Logs / Lumber / Veneer / Dimension / Blank:
² North American Species: R/oak, W/oak, Y/Poplar, B/walnut, B/cherry, H/maple, Ash, Hickory
² Species from China & Nearby Area: Oak, Maple, Ash, Poplar, Birch

Value Added Wood Products or Same Products Made of Other Materials:
² Stair Parts/ Interior Trim & Moldings
² Solid & Laminated Flooring – Wood/ Bamboo
² Rough to Fully Machined Dimensions Parts
² Picture/ Picture Frame
² Hardwood Plywood/ Finger-joint Panels
² Windows/ Doors
² Home/ Business/ Institutional Furniture
² Sports Wood Products - Skateboard
² Other wood products: Jewel Box, Gift Box, CD Stand Tool Handle

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China Triones Investment Co. Ltd

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