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We are a wood manufacturing company, named 揂pval鹲 medo gaminiai?from Lithuania. AMG was established in 1995 and was specialized for different diameters birch dowels and pins production. It is the biggest enterprise in Lithuania producing a very specialized products for furniture industry and 揹o it yourself?market.
The company exports 95 % of its production. The commodities go to the USA, Japan, France and Denmark. A part of production is sold in the local market.
The production base of the company: heated production shops of 1.900 m2, 2 hectares territory, and fully automated Muchelbock driers of 4000 m3 annual capacity. Working with the American equipment and technologies, AMG can combine large quantities with very good quality.
In 1996, AMG became a member of Association of the Lithuanian woodworking industry. In 2001, AMG was one the first enterprises in Lithuania who got chain of Custody (CoC) certificate. Products certified by Smart Wood are recognized as coming from 搘ell-managed?forests adhering to strict environmental and socioeconomic standarts in accordance with the Principles and Criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
Over nine years of it抯 existing AMG became the leading company in Lithuania producing very high quality specialized wooden dowels and pins tried by foreign partners. Therefore we would be pleased to tender our products as raw material in your manufacturing process.
If you find yourself interested in AMG dowels and pins please don抰 hesitate to contact us and you save your time in searching the good and quality raw material for your products.

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UAB Apvalus medzio gaminiai

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Zabakos km., Vievio sen.


Elektrenu sav.


Country or Areas: Lithuania
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Dalia Vilkonciene


Sales manager


+370 528 63127


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