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Our company (Dutch owned) is specialized in the import of timber and veneer for the Asian timber industry. We carry various plantation species as suitable replacement for the local rubberwood (like Radiata pine, Scandinavian pine/spruce, etc) as well many temperate species from Europe, USA and Africa.

Our HQ is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and we have various operations Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam & China) and an office in Europe. Our staff has a wide knowledge not only about timber but also about the manufacturing process. Beside supplying the raw materials we provide expertise on the selection of raw materials, machining and finishing. We also try to provide as much as possible information about our customer’s end-markets with regard to market-trends and product-development. Our company is a FSC member and a big volume of our products is FSC certified.

In respect to the above we see ourselves more as partners to our customers AND to our suppliers rather then timber agents. We carry the following products in our extensive range;


African hardwoods logs like okoume, sapeli, khaya, moabi, douca, African teak;

American hardwoods logs like red & white oak, cherry, maple;

Sawn timber

Scandinavian softwoods like white pine (spruce) and redwood;

African hardwoods in large dimensions and strips like okoume, sapeli, kosipo, edinam, khaya, iroko, wenge, dibetou, bubinga, ayous;

American hardwoods sawn timber in a wide range like red & white oak, hard & soft maple, white ash, walnut, yellow poplar, cottonwood (some FSC certified);

Eucalyptus grandis/saligna sawn timber FSC certified;

European hardwoods in unedged, edged and strips like beech, oak;

New Zealand radiate pine sawn timber, optional FSC certified;

SA pine sawn timber FSC certified;

South American hardwoods such as marupa, jatoba, Honduras mahogany (certified), virola;


American veneers like red & white oak, cherry, maple, ash, hickory, red alder, pecan;

African veneers like SA pine, eucalyptus FSC certified, sapeli, anegre, chen chen, koto, okoume, makore, douca, moabi, khaya;

European veneers such as beech, oak, sycamore, cherry, ash, walnut, poplar burls, pearwood, knotty pine, olive ash burl, etc;

South American veneers like caroba;

Panel Products

Laminated albasia falcata for drawer sides

MDF (rubberwood & acasia) and veneer overlay MDF

LVL for drawer sides

Kindly advise us which kind of the above products are of interest to and for what products/components it will be used in your manufacturing program, so we can quote appropriate species and reasonable price.

Looking forward to start business with you.

Best Regards,
APP Timber

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DKI Jakarta
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Rudy Gunawan Syarfi


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