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  • 151) EPC Trading 

  • We offer milled timbers into flooring etc. The timbers we offer are: Merbau, Teak, Mahogany, Raintree, King & Queen Ebony,Fiji Pine, Kauri, Sandalwood Oil
    Located in:Australia
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  • 152) Sweden Kredeco AB-Kunming 

  • Selling Exotic Timbers:  Burmese Teak for the Marine Industry  Yellow Balau Decking and Components  Keruing Shiplap Flooring and T
    Located in:China
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  • 153) Gomma Wood Products Pvt Ltd 

  • We are the manufactures & exporters of solid rubber wood panel boards & rough sawn klin dried timber (RSKD).Its an ISO 9001-2000 certified company.We are export
    Located in:India
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  • 154) Timtrades Enterprises Pte Ltd 

  • Timtrades Enterprises Pte Ltd is a Singapore-registered company. Established back in 1995, Timtrades deals in tropical hardwood, such as Dark Red Meranti, Lauan
    Located in:Singapore
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  • 155) Fraserwoods LLP 

  • We are a leading manufacturer and exporter in Singapore specialized in Red Meranti, Yellow Meranti and Durian wood species.   We produce quality kiln-
    Located in:Singapore
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  • We the marketing department of factories in Indonesia presently strategically based in Singapore. The factories have a good stock of different types of logs and
    Located in:Singapore
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  • 157) Tringang Trading Company LLC 

  • Tringang Trading company LLC is an import / export management and trading company. Our headquarters is in Florida, USA. We have a branch in France and represent
    Located in:France
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  • 158) EB Importadores 

  • We import tropical Logs and Lumber directly. We distrute all over Spain.
    Located in:Spain
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  • 159) Ochoco Chile/Argentina 

  • Multinational exporter of South American wood products, subsidiary of Ochoco International and Ochoco Lumber Company
    Located in:Chile
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  • 160) WoodShop ApS 

  • WoodShop is buying and selling wood from South America and Africa. We have recently established a sister company in Gabon, Africa. There we will handle the
    Located in:Denmark
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  • 161) Orivox Pte Ltd 

  • Supplier of sawn merbau/kwila timber based in Singapore. We provide all kinds of size specifications. No middlemen involved hence we give very good price. Feel
    Located in:Singapore
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  • 162) Diwai Eco Timbers - PNG 

  • We are a small scale family owned & operated exporter of ?andsawn Teak Flitch?& ?ough Chainsawn Flitch?(RCF) of the following species: Merbau (Kwila), Rosewood,
    Located in:Papua New Guinea
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  • Forestry and exporter of sawn woods:  Doussie, iroko, sapelli, frake, doussie, tali, movingui, bosse, ayous, mahogany, bete, kossipo, Sipo, moabi, pad
    Located in:Please Select a Country or area
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    Located in:South Africa
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  • 165) Global Service 

  • Global Service is a trading company made of long experienced people, offering wood coming from best European provenience. We avail beech lumber, basswood (linde
    Located in:Italy
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