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  • 1) Euro Trading Company 

  • Euro Trading Company is a leading timber merchant and agency based in Riga, Latvia, which provides international customers with sawn timber from Baltic States a
    Located in:Latvia
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  • 2) Kimex Trading 

  • Kimex Trading is based in Greece. We are agents for plywood, African hardwoods, logs, Brazilian hardwoods, rotary cut veneers, solid parquet, railway sleepers,
    Located in:Greece
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  • 3) Gulf South Forest Products 

  • Gulf South Forest Products is an exporter of U.S. wood products and we have a broad range of items we can offer: Softwood Lumber ?SAPS / Flitches / Indust
    Located in:United States
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  • 4) Tropical Lumber Trading 

  • With over 30 years of experience in the forest and wood industry, we pride ourselves as experts and leaders in the field. Our knowledge, resources, and network
    Located in:Bolivia
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  • 5) ATI Alpha-Timber-Import Ltd. 

  • Importer of reclaimed and new hardwood railway sleepers and other hardwood products for gardening and landscaping
    Located in:United Kingdom
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  • 6) Profaril S.A 

  • Logs and sawnwood ,railway sleeper supplier.
    Located in:Uruguay
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  • 7) Delider Chile S.A. 

  • Offering, railway sleepers. beam. large board, plank, timber, logs, all are delivered in different sizes of wild wood of Chile, Cohiue, Nothofagus dombeyi
    Located in:Chile
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  • we are Indonesian Exporter that can supply any kind of Indonesian wood. We produce S2S,S4S,T&G,Decking,Railway Sleeper,Finger Joint Laminating Board (FJLB),So
    Located in:Indonesia
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  • 9) John L. Frye Co., Inc. 

  • Railroad crosstie producer, broker. Buy untreated railroad crossties and sell to railroads.
    Located in:United States
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  • 10) Razustom srl 

  • We are a Factory which produce oak timber in fresh cut ,qualitie mixt (A,B,C and rustic ) FSC certification ,oak beams ,oak turkish sleepers ,oak turkish timber
    Located in:Romania
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  • 11) Quercus parkett srl  

  • We are sawmill in Romania, Produce sleepers, timber mats, timber
    Located in:Romania
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  • We are supplier of timber sleepers - Pterocarpus tinctorius – (Rose wood, Mukula wood, Mkurungu wood).  We are located in Tanzania, East Africa.&nbs
    Located in:Tanzania
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  • 13) Mark 

  • We sell reclaimed wood railway sleepers. MOQ container 20"/40" 
    Located in:Israel
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  • 14) Fremantle Timber Traders 

  • Fremantle Timber Traders are a leading supplier of recycled and salvaged, West Australian hardwoods in Perth.   We can ship / freight slabs, flooring,
    Located in:Australia
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  • 15) Ivanov Solutions LLC 

  • export an oak from Russia (Sleepers, beams, lumbers, planks, boards and etc.) Have got three branches: Russian (Production) Lithuania? (Seller)&
    Located in:Russia
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