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  • 31) "Triiteks"ltd 

  • production of wood pine chips and trade of lumbering and furniture 
    Located in:Bulgaria
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    Located in:Malaysia
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  • Wood chips, woods for power generation, paper pulp
    Located in:Hongkong
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  • buyer of wood and wood products pulp and wood chips for export
    Located in:United States
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  • 35) Sirada Development Co.,Ltd 

  • We are commercial forestry developer, special in fast growing tree Eucalyptus, Acacia Mangium, and local softwood in Thailand and south east Asia. We would like
    Located in:Thailand
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  • 36) Hangzhou xinhua paper industry co.,ltd. 

  • Our company was established on December 26th 1992,which was jointly invested by Hongkong zhongtai holding co .,ltd.and mainly enaged in pulp ,paper process a
    Located in:China
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  • 37) SBC, LLC 

  • We specialize in Wood Chips/ pellets and Sawdust from our Mill in AL.  We also ship Recycled Waste Paper and Boxboard (Milk Cartons)
    Located in:Please Select a Country or area
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  • 38) St Eval Recycling 

  • We are a recycling company in the South West of the UK recycling woodchip, topsoil and concrete.  We are looking to expand into UAE with topsoil
    Located in:United Kingdom
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  • 39) Drvoprerada Hrubec 

  • We produce high quality wood wool. Please contact for details.
    Located in:Croatia
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  • 40) Green Energy Resources inc 

  • we are suppliers of woodchips for energy, for paper and pulp, wood pellets, carbon credit trade , carbon offsets and forest management. All of our wood is UTCS
    Located in:United States
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  • 41) thalmann t-trade 

  • We are mainly focussing our activity on the following business areas: a) power plants : supply of wood chips and wood pellets b) paper-/pulp industry
    Located in:Switzerland
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  • 42) Samco Wood Ind. 

  • Samco group is a company opened in 1962 with headquaters in Limbe, Cameroon. We are the largest producer of paper in Cameroon, our paper known as Xenon. In the
    Located in:Cameroon
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  • 43) Sia "MK kredīti" 

  • woodchip, firewood, wooden raw material production.
    Located in:Latvia
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  • 44) A X N Trading company 

  • we are the leading pulp wood supplier to all major paper mills in india
    Located in:India
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  • 45) JSC “Sawn Goods “Red October 

  • JSC “Sawn Goods “Red October” is a big saw-mill with own logging facilities and long-time rent forests. The main product of factory is kiln dr
    Located in:Russia
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