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News Release, 
May 12, 2005


The AKTRIN Furniture Information Center in collaboration with Business & Research Associates has released a new edition of a report on the UK Market for Office Furniture.

This report is a comprehensive review of the UK Market for Office Furniture. This report provides a collection of statistical data and forecasts on the office furniture industry in the UK. The report covers distribution channels and trade exhibitions for office furniture. Major important manufacturers are also profiled.

This project took place during the period December 2004 to January 2005. Interviews with manufacturers and distributors within the office furniture industry indicate that the general situation in the UK office furniture market will remain very competitive in the next two years and we may see some casualties in both sectors. However, due to the consolidation within the industry in recent years, most of the leading suppliers are now part of major groups with significant capital resources.

Even though, office furniture showed consistent growth in the 1993-98 period, shipments declined almost 40% since 1990. In 2004, total sales of office furniture fell 2.2% from the level of £695m in 2003. If one includes sales of home office furniture through domestic furniture channels the total market for office furniture reached about £800m in 2004, compared to £812m in 2003.

Last year
กฏs sales of workstations, desks and tables matched the totals in 2003, but were down from 2002 and 2001. This product group currently accounts for over 40% of the market in value terms.

Wooden products - dominating the workstations, desks and tables sector - accounted for around 61% of total sales in 2004.

Sales of seating products reached almost £200m in 2004. This product group currently captures close to 30% of the market. Within this product category adjustable seating forms 73% of the market in value terms, with non-adjustable seating making up less than 20%.

In absolute terms the South East region of the United Kingdom accounts for the bulk of office furniture sales, with about 35%. Within that region Greater London makes up over half of total sales.

Some of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of office furniture include: Herman Miller Ltd., Senator International Ltd., and Bisley Office Equipment Ltd. Dealers/contractors are the major distributors of office furniture, accounting for over half of the market in value terms.

Imports of office furniture reached over £200m in 2004, with EEC supplying about 65% of total imports at the present time. If one includes all home offices furniture imports, penetration fell in 2004 to 25%.

Sales of office furniture may reach almost £700m in 2005. During the next two years, it is expected that producer prices for office furniture will increase at an annual rate of around 2-3%.

AKTRIN is a report writing and international consulting firm fully dedicated to the furniture industry. The company has been in existence since 1985 and maintains offices in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Germany . Representatives and affiliates are located throughout the world.

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