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International Log & Sawnwood Prices

16-30th June 2004

International Log Prices  

Sarawak Log Prices 

FOB                     per Cu.m

Meranti SQ up              US$170-175

        small            US$140-145

        super small       US$105-110

Keruing SQ up              US$160-165

        small            US$130-135

        super small       US$100-105

Kapur SQ up         US$140-150

Selangan Batu SQ up       US$155-160

Francophone West African Log Prices 

No price changes were reported during June. Following on after the higher price levels seen in May, prices are currently stable and remain very firm.  Exporters have been very busy shipping European contracts in advance of the European summer vacation period, which begins mid July and continues on through August.   

Producers in Congo and Gabon have been in full production as the usual short rains did not happen this year and the weather has been dry since end March allowing for an extended harvesting period.  However, in Gabon and the rains have now reportedly started in the coastal regions and sawmills have been looking to build up log stocks. 

The outlook for log prices appears to be for firm for the next quarter.  

FOB                     LM  B      BC/C

                          Euro per Cu.m

Afromosia/Assamela       381       350  -

Acajou/N'Gollon     206  191  -

Ayous/Obeche              175       160  106

Azobe                   168  145       114

Bibolo/Dibtou        152  114  -

Movingui        206  190       175

Fromager/Ceiba              114       114  -

Iroko                    351  320       241

Limba/Frake         137  114       99

Moabi                   244  221       206

Padouk                 206  206  -

Sapelli                   259  244       206

Sipo/Utile              274  259  -

Tali                144  129       91

Doussie                427  335       274



Gabon Okoume

Grade                   per Cu.m

CI                 US$150

CE                US$122

CS                 US$95

QS                US$176


Okoume for China

40% CI, 40% CE, 20% CS       US$200 (Free alongside)



Veneer Quality        FOB per Hoppus Ton

              May              June

2nd Quality       No sale          No sale

3rd Quality       Euro3452       Euro3650

                            5 tons

4th Quality       Euro3345       Euro3141

                            40 tons


Teak Logs        May              June

Sawing Quality       per Hoppus Ton

Grade 1

Average       Euro2116       Euro1963

                            130 tons

Grade 2

Average       Euro1760       Euro1586

                            190 tons

Grade 3

Average       Euro679       Euro709

                            440 tons

Grade 4

 Average       Euro1158       Euro1158

                            545 tons


 Average       Euro709       Euro716

                            560 tons

Domestic Log Prices


Logs at mill yard       per Cu.m

Mahogany Ist Grade     No Sales

Ipe                US$68

Jatoba                   US$44

Guaruba         US$29

Mescla(white virola)     US$36



Domestic log prices     per Cu.m

Plywood logs 

 Face Logs           US$90-95

Core logs              US$55-70

Sawlogs(Meranti)    US$95-105

Falkata logs           US$90-95

Rubberwood         US$85-90

Pine               US$90-100

Mahoni                 US$500-515

Peninsula Malaysia  


Domestic (SQ ex-log yard)  per Cu.m

DR Meranti          US$190-195

Balau                    US$170-180

Merbau                 US$205-215

Rubberwood        US$80-85

Keruing         US$165-175



                                       per Cu.m

Wawa                  US$33-41

Odum                   US$77-175

Ceiba                    US$27-53

Chenchen             US$33-88


(Veneer Qual.)              US$49-160

Sapele                  US$55-154


(Veneer Qual.)              US$55-154

International Sawnwood

Francophone West Africa  

Sawnwood prices remained unchanged throughout June, staying at the same levels for the past 4 months.  Mills report being busy servicing buyers for China who are looking for flooring strips and paying slightly higher prices than European importers.  In Cameroon some larger mills are said to be changing hands as one or two larger investors consolidate their holdings through the region. As with logs, sawnwood freight rates have remained at the higher levels and exporters are saying that, now, buyers are accepting the higher rates.  The downside to the freight increases is that it leaves little margin for any increase in FOB prices.  

The outlook for sawnwood prices appears to be for firm for the next quarter.  

FOB                            per Cu.m

Okoume                Euro

FAS GMS                    266

Standard and Better            251

FAS Fixed Sizes              297


FAS Standard Sizes              640

FAS Fixed Sizes              670


FAS                            487


FAS Standard Sizes              381

FAS Fixed Sizes              412


FAS GMS                    548

Scantlings                    487

Strips                           274


FAS GMS                    398



FOB Belem/Paranagua Ports

Export Sawnwood        per Cu.m

Mahogany KD FAS FOB

UK market           no trade

Jatoba Green (dressed)       US$535

Cambara KD        US$445

Asian Market(green)

Guaruba     US$245

       Angelim pedra       US$270

        Mandioqueira    US$185

Pine (AD)             US$125



Sawn Timber

Export(FOB)           per Cu.m

White Meranti A & Up   US$300-315


Scantlings (75x125 KD)  US$650-690

Sepetir Boards              US$185-190

K.Sesendok 25,50mm        US$375-380



FOB              Euro per Cu.m

Afromosia             855

Asanfina        480

Ceiba                    180

Dahoma         300

Edinam                 360

Khaya                  480

Makore                 449

Odum                   580

Sapele                  480

Wawa                  300



Mahogany Prices Increase  

After the inclusion of big leaf mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) in Appendix 2 of CITES prices for Mahogany products have increased. Currently the FOB price for Mahogany for US market (length 6+ feet) is between US$1,230.00 and US$1,290.00 per cubic metre. For the Dominican Republic market, FOB prices are now US$530.00 per cubic metre (lengths less than 6 feet).  

The volume of Mahogany exports have been maintained as harvesting is strictly controlled by INRENA.  

Exports Grow  

Peruvian timber exports for the period January-May 2004 registered a growth of 19% compared with the same period of 2003. This growth was not anticipated by trade analysts at the beginning of the year and the fact that exports have continued to grow is the result of some significant trends in marketing.  

While the US is still the main destination for Peruvian timber exports, accounting for some 47% of the total timber exports, Mexico is in second place accounting for some 28% of exports but has registered a strong 42% growth because of the demand for Virola, Spanish cedar for plywood.

Market diversification, by Peru's exporters, into the Chinese markets has been significant and demand for hardwood mouldings is particularly buoyant at the moment.  

Exports of Estoraque (Estoraque balsamo), Quinilla (Masaranduba), Tahuar®™ (Ipe) and Shihuahuaco (Cumaru) have increased because of the demands from the flooring manufacturers in Asia.  

For US Market                     per Cu.m

Mahogany  1C&B, KD 16%

Central American market         US$1170-1200

Mahogany  1C&B, KD 16%

US market                US$1230-1290

Spanish Cedar No.1 C&B,

KD 16%,

Central Am. Market        US$615-630

Walnut 1" Thickness,

 6' - 11' length                  US$660-700

Spanish cedar # 1 C&B,

KD 16% Mexican market   US$620-630

Pumaquiro 25-50mm AD

Mexican market              US$460-490

Virola  1" to 2"

Length  6' - 8' KD       US$270-290

Lagarto  2" Thickness,

6' - 8' length          US$345-365

Ishpingo  2"

Thickness 6' - 8' length       US$365-385


Domestic Sawnwood Prices  

Report from Brazil 

Sawnwood (Green ex-mill)

Northern Mills              per Cu.m

Mahogany             No sales

Ipe                US$282

Jatoba                   US$205

Southern Mills

Eucalyptus AD              US$105

Pine (KD) First Grade       US$134

Report from Indonesia

Sawn timber, ex-mill

Domestic construction material  

Kampar                per Cu.m

AD 3x12-15x400cm       US$215-225

KD                US$285-295

AD 3x20x400cm       US$310-315

KD                US$325-330


AD 3x12-15cmx400       US$230-235

AD 2x20cmx400       US$225-235

AD 3x30cmx400       US$240-255



Sawnwood            per Cu.m



Kempas50mm by

 (75,100&125mm)       US$175-180


25x75x660mm up       US$225-235

50-75mm Sq.         US$235-240

100mm sq.            US$245-255



Sawnwood            per Cu.m

Wawa 25x300x4.2m       US$63

Emeri       25x300x4.2m    US$70

Ceiba 25x300x4.2m       US$53

Dahoma 50x150x4.2m       US$113

Redwood 50x50x4.2m       US$94

Ofram    50x50x4.4m       US$73



                                       per Cu.m

Mahogany             US$1490-1500

Virola                   US$183-198

Spanish Cedar              US$620-630

Catahua         US$174-180

Tornillo          US$352-360