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U.S. lumber and panel market reports

 January 22, 2016

U.S.: Lumber and panel market report ---- Week 3  2016
Random Lengths Lumber Market Report
A bearish tone enveloped framing lumber markets, as traders stepped back amid an onslaught of troubling economic news and a snowstorm poised to pound the Mid-Atlantic region. Prices of various dimension and stud items in all species tumbled, with some posting double-digit drops for the week. While some producers tried to stay above the fray, thin to non-existent order files forced others to press for trading levels. The Random Lengths Framing Lumber Composite Price shed an additional $7, to $308.


  This Week
Jan 22
Last Week
Jan 15
Year Ago
Random Lengths Framing Lumber Composite Price* $308 $315 $377
KD Western S-P-F #2&Btr 2x4 R/L Mill Price 252 265 321
KD Eastern S-P-F #1&2 2x4 R/L, delivered Great Lakes 353 360 430
Green Douglas Fir Std&Btr 2x4 R/L (Portland) 287 290 310
Southern Pine (Westside) #2 2x4 R/L 397 405 456
KD Coast Hem-Fir #2&Btr 2x4 R/L 300 303 342
Ponderosa Pine (Inland) #2&Btr 1x12 R/L 660 660 665
* Weighted average of 15 key items





Random Lengths Panel Market Report
Structural panel prices gave way to downward pressure. Another week of quiet sales left OSB prices on shaky ground or eroding. Some producers with loads available to ship next week sold at discounts to push order files into February. Southern Pine plywood sales were hit and miss, depending on how aggressively mills went after orders. Producers were amenable to small counters on trucks, and larger discounts on railcars. Activity in western Fir plywood picked up after mills lured buyers off the sidelines with deeply discounted offerings.


(f.o.b. mill prices) This Week
Jan 22
Last Week
Jan 15
Year Ago
Random Lengths Structural Panel Composite Price* $352 $356 $388
Southern (west-east) 15/32-inch 3-ply rated sheathing plywood 360-390 370-400 443-470
Southern (west-east) 15/32-inch 4-ply rated sheathing plywood 360-390 370-400 445-475
Western 1/2-inch 4-ply rated sheathing plywood 332 344 410
North Central 7/16-inch Oriented Strand Board 235 235 202
*Weighted average of 11 key items




(Source: Used with permission granted by Random Lenghts Publications, Inc.)  

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