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U.S. lumber and panel market reports

 November 16, 2018

U.S.: Lumber and panel market report ---- Week 46 2018
Random Lengths Lumber Market Report

Softwood lumber traders absorbed a heavy news week that sent mixed signals to an uncertain marketplace. However, chief among the newsmakers were producers announcing both temporary and permanent cuts in output that shifted a neutral to bearish read on the market to a more bullish one. Concern about the state of the U.S. housing market, and wet and cold weather engulfing key markets as winter approaches, was widely noted among traders more doubtful about the market’s ability to run upward.



  This Week
Nov 16
Last Week
Nov 9
Year Ago
Random Lengths Framing Lumber Composite Price* $340 $337 $438
KD Western S-P-F #2&Btr 2x4 R/L Mill Price 347 330 494
KD Eastern S-P-F #1&2 2x4 R/L, delivered Great Lakes 403 391 561
Green Douglas Fir Std&Btr 2x4 R/L (Portland) 280 285 455
Southern Pine (Westside) #2 2x4 R/L 391 401 428
KD Coast Hem-Fir #2&Btr 2x4 R/L 330 315 490
Ponderosa Pine (Inland) #2&Btr 1x12 R/L 780 780 730
* Weighted average of 15 key items



Random Lengths Panel Market Report

Structural panel trading lacked energy. Supply and demand maintained a balance in most OSB producing regions, and reported prices held to last week’s levels. One exception was the Southwest, where sheathing prices cracked as sales slowed to a crawl. Southern Pine plywood trading was steady, but lacked urgency. Buyers were hesitant to purchase beyond immediate needs, despite tightening supplies compared to previous weeks. Trading slowed in western Fir plywood markets, and mills opened to modest counters on prompt loadings. 



(f.o.b. mill prices) This Week
Nov 16
Last Week
Nov 9
Year Ago
Random Lengths Structural Panel Composite Price* $385 $386 $466
Southern (west-east) 15/32-inch 3-ply rated sheathing plywood 360-390 360-390 435-495
Southern (west-east) 15/32-inch 4-ply rated sheathing plywood 365-395 365-395 440-500
Western 1/2-inch 4-ply rated sheathing plywood 358 362 452
North Central 7/16-inch Oriented Strand Board 245 245 380
*Weighted average of 11 key items



(Source: Used with permission granted by Random Lenghts Publications, Inc.)  


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