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 Russian wood production data in November

[Jan 11, 2023]

According to the latest wood industry data released by Rosstat, the National Bureau of Statistics of the Russian Federation, the output of sawn timber, plywood, fiberboard, wood fuel particles and paper labels decreased in November, but the output of wood doors, windows and frames, and paper wallpaper increased in November.

In November, the output of sawn timber in Russia reached 2.2 million m3, compared with 2.3 million m3 in October  slightly decreased.

Compared with 170000 tons in October, the output of wood fuel particles dropped to 165000 tons, which is also far lower than the average output of nearly 200000 tons in 2021.

Plywood reached 215000 m3 in September. After hitting the bottom of the record, it rose to 234000 m3 in October.  It dropped again to 229000 m3 in November. It is also far lower than 300000 m3 before the conflict. Fiberboard decreased by 3 million m3 from October  To 43 million m3,  It has also maintained a trend of continuous decline since August. Particleboard is the same as in October, still 900000 m3.

Wooden door, door frame and threshold increased by 100000 m3 To 1.6 million m3.

Among paper products, pulp remained at a level of 700000 tons on a month-on-month basis, and paper and paperboard were at the same level as corrugated paper, with 800000 tons and 700 million meters respectively. Paper wallpaper increased by 1 million pieces to 12 million; However, the number of label paper decreased by 600 million to 4.6 billion.