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Austria's softwood lumber exports decreased by 11%
[Nov. 13, 2023]

In the first eight months, Austria exported 3.5 million m³ of softwood lumber and planed timber, recording a decrease of around 430,000 m³ compared to last year. Exports to Japan more than halved, while those to Slovenia grew by 40%.

Laminated timber exports down by 10%

From January to August, Austria exported 1.16 million m³ of glue- and cross-laminated timber. In the same period of 2022, 1.28 million m³, i.e. 10% more, had been exported.

Italy: Softwood lumber imports on the decrease

From January to August, Italy reduced its softwood lumber imports (incl. planed timber) by 11%. While imports from Austria decreased, those from Germany and Finland saw increases.